How do I make this dream come true?

I’m completing my final semester in museum communication this December and will YAY! graduate with my master’s degree.

The Outstanding Opportunity
Just last week, I was presented with the possibility of going to Vietnam to participate in a field school and contribute to the creation of an ecomuseum at Ha Long Bay. The plans are really innovative, and this experience would give me first-hand experience with some alternative museum practices, particularly in the area of community involvement, which I consider critical. Plus, I would have the opportunity to study under and work with a very influential and inspiring man in my field.

What’s the Problem, Then?
No surprise, my issue is money. My husband is working with Americorps for the next ten months, and I’m in grad school. I’m commuting back and forth between Philly and Baltimore and haven’t been able to work in a PT job. We really don’t have the leeway in our budget to just “save up” and make this happen.

The program (flight, tuition, travel in country, room and board) will cost approx. $3,000. I don’t have this money, but just can’t give up the hope of going to Vietnam. This December. Any recommendations for how I can raise this money?

Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.


I can’t believe I’m going to even suggest this (because I wouldn’t do it nor would I recommend it) but you could always charge it.

Maybe somebody out there knows of a way you could get a grant or something.

Is this an ongoing program? You might check with the sponsor’s of the program to see if they know of any funding or education loan sources that have been used. Sometimes schools have grants for funding promising projects. My advisor got my dissertation work funded for a year.