How do I prevent my #$&*#($# pantyhose from getting runs?

OK, I know that runs are inevitable and I should expect them eventually. But I swear to God that every damn time I buy a pair of nylons, it seems like they develop little holes or runs in them after no more than two or three wears. This seems ridiculous. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to be storing them differently, or putting them on differently?

Just to provide background info, I usually put them on by scrunching them all up until only the foot is left un-scrunched (I hope that makes sense), putting my foot in, and then pulling up. I try to pinch them as little as possible. Is there some other, better technique? Or should I just switch to tights? I’m wearing maternity dresses pretty much full time now, and nylons (or tights) keep my legs warm and look nice, which is why this has suddenly become an issue for me.


Store them in the freezer.

Yeah, but take them off first.

I don’t wear pantyhose too often, but here are some tips I can give you:

  1. Try to buy hose a size larger than it says on the package. The extra room will cut down on weakened fibers.

  2. Get regular pedicures. My toenails grow very quickly and I must make sure to smooth the edges frequently. Also, dry skin on the heels might catch the hose.

  3. What does Opal have to say about this?

  4. I know they’re horribly unfashionable, but when you’re wearing close-toed shoes, wear hose with reinforced toes to cut down on holes that strangle your toes (I hate when this happens).

I hope these tips help. Along with use clear nail polish to stop a hole where it is, these tips have enabled extra days of wear.

The only thing that ever helped me is buying better quality pantyhose. :slight_smile:

Actually, Little Bird, I’ve found the more expensive hose tends to run the fastest.

Support hose or so called “non-run” actually do last longer (but not forever). Generally, the more lycra in the legs, (or the tighter the weave) the better they last.

Still, I’ve also found I can poke holes in them on the first try. One tip I’ve tried (which does work) is to wear gloves when putting hose on, especially if your nails are like mine and prone to ragged edges.

Occasionally you can find something to wash your 'hose in that claims to help stop runs, but I haven’t heard anything about if it actually works.

The best way I’ve found (beyond buying good quality 'hose, which was suggested by LittleBird) is to wear tights instead. You can go do Danskin, and get dance tights that are the same flesh-like (!?) colors that pantyhose come in, and the only time I got a run in those was when I managed to put my thumbnail through one. And, they are normally no hotter (or cooler) than regular pantyhose.

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