How do I protect my new car from hail?

I don’t have covered parking where I live. I want to avoid getting dents or window breakage in the case of a bad hail storm.

I have insurance of course, but I would like to avoid making a claim in the first place.

Is there anything like padded car-size blankets that I would be able to run out and put on if there is a weather alert?

Any other ideas?


Yep. It’s called Technalon and can be found in a variety of car covers which claim to help prevent dings from hail.

find technalon at:

google: car covers hail protection

Bubble pack.

Bubble pack is actually a poor choice - if not said tongue in cheek - because the pressure points of hail can be very precise, whereas bubble wrap protects a wide area but each spot between the bubbles is actually vulnerable to hail stones.

Is hail really a major problem in your area? Enough to get insurance for it? Have you had auto damage from it in the past?

Oh yeah. From spring through fall is hailstorm season in the Midwest. A few years back when I was further north, I was at working and heard a wicked sound against the windows. Super-bad hailstorm. We all thought our windows were going to shatter. I came out to my car and it was dimpled from hood to trunk. Think “left in a (golf) driving range.” Insurance covered it, but I still paid the deductable, and the finish still wasn’t the same.

They were predicting hail the other day (nothing happened) and that got me thinking about it. Thanks to Philster, I tracked down a 4-layer cover for $160. My plan is to keep it on hand. If I hear that they are predicting hail, I will go out and cover it.

This probably sounds extreme to most of you. It would to me prior to this car, but I just got my dream car (MINI) and want to keep it in decent shape for a while.

Hail does serious damage to cars. I worked for a big insurance company in CO, and we had people making claims for hail damage all the time. Their cars looked like someone had attacked them with a ball peen hammer. I have seen hail dents 1/2 inch deep or more.

Sucks not to have a garage, doesn’t it? I didn’t have one in Boulder (got away with it, luckily), but I do have one in CA, where “extreme weather” is an inch of rain! :smiley: