How do I restore a deleted file? (Win 98)

This should be a very simple process, but I am having a huge problem restoring a file.

I just recently “cleaned out” my computer by way of deleting some programs that I don’t use anymore and by defragging the computer itself. However, somehow I have deleted the file “CREATR32.exe” which is an execute file for Adaptec Easy CD Creator.

This Adaptec program was on the hard drive when we bought the computer, and I first tried to restore the file by using the system backup CDs, but apparently those are not intended for restoring one single file, but they are to be used to restore the entire OS. So how in the hell do I get this one, very important file back? I mean, it wouldn’t be a big deal if the “README” file was deleted, but, with my luck, only the most important file is gone.

By the way, all the other files are still on my computer—meaning all the other Adaptec Easy CD Creator files are still in their original locations. It’s just this one file that is missing. Any help?

Undeleting is a pain in the ass. But, luckily, you can download that file here.