How do I search for threads about three letter words?

Hey y’all - how do I search for threads having to do with subjects that are the forbidden three letter words?

For instance, today I was talking with the hubby about domestic oil production and wanted to see what discussions there were about it on the Dope. Search accepted ‘domestic’ but rejected ‘oil’.

Is there a trick to searching for three letter subjects?

This is not a complaint. Just asking for advice.

Thanks for any info.

Wanted to add that I tried to use search to find the answer to my own question and search rejected the word ‘three’.

Have you tried using google while limiting the search to the SMDB (adding “” to the search string).?

Since you aren’t just looking for a three-letter word, you can actually put the entire thing in quotes. I just typed “domestic oil” (with the quotes) in the search box, and it worked.

Thank you both for your help. I have used the site:straightdope search for other subjects in the past. I just totally forgot about it today.

Didn’t even occur on me to try putting the phrase in quotes. Good idea.

Apparently my brain is not fully awake yet.


in this thread

there is mention of an exception list of words to enable searching