How do I search for threads by a certain poster?

Sorry if this is a lame question. I thought you could just put search by username and title only and it would show threads by the user. Not. Is it possible to do this?

Where it says ‘SEARCH BY USER NAME’ input the username. I use that. Did you try that? It should work. If you want to, at the same time put in a word in the other box. So, to find out how many posts you have about sex, put ‘sex’ in the word box & your name in the name box.

Maybe I should have added emphasis to the searching for threads by a certain poster part. Sorry.

I want to narrow the search to threads that only I have started, how do I do that? Using the search by user name in subject only doesn’t work for me. It just brings up all the threads that the user has posted in.

AFAIK, you can’t do it. I’d like to, also, but I can’t.


Yeah, it would be especially helpful to you, Homer, finding the ones you were to drunk to remember starting :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s possible, though. Sorry, Demo.

** Searching for posts by a specific user - evilbeth**

Sadly, that’s EXACTLY what I planned on doing.