How do I sell my jewelry?

Inspired by this:
I have some new diamond jewelry from India that I would like to sell. I have been visiting some of the local retailers and none have shown any interest. The pawn shop that I went to said that he would not be able to give me a price that I was looking for because he would have to treat it as used jewelry. I do not have a sufficiently large circle of friends to go for a private sale. I thought I would try posting on eBay, but having read the thread above, although the stuff that I have is genuine(no conflict diamonds etc and I can get a gemologist’s certificate) I am not too hopeful because of the inherent distrust people have one unknown sellers on the internet.
How do I sell what I have? Any ideas?
After selling what I have I would also want to set myself up in this trade of importing jewelry and selling it in North America. How does one go about setting himself up in this business?