How do I sell my jewelry?

I have 2 rings and a necklace I’m looking to sell. What’s the best way to sell them? I really don’t know the value. They were gifts ten years ago. I know the 1st ring was $500, the second was $1000 and the necklace was probably $100-$200. I’m afraid to sell on e-bay because I don’t want to ship them and have it get lost in the mail or have the buyer say they were lost. I’m not so sure pawn shops are a good idea because they will low ball you and sell it at a higher price later. Can I just walk into any jewelry shop and get a free appraisal and try to sell it on the spot. How about mall jewelry stores? Do they buy from anyone or should I go to a private jeweler?

I have sold a few pieces of jewelry on eBay without problems. First, you should have the jewelry appraised, this gives the potential buyers some confidence when it comes time to bid. Shipping is easy, first class mail parcel (up to 13 ounces) with signature delivery confirmation. A limit bidders to a certain feedback number, I required a feedback of over 20, this guaranteed some history that could be checked out. Your feedback rating is also important, if you have a low number serious bidders will likely shy away from bidding on jewelry, especially expensive items. You can also look into eBay resellers, they list the items with a professional looking listing with lots of good pictures. They will also have a charge for the listing then take a percentage of the sale price.

Jewelry stores will do the same as pawn shops when it comes to jewelry, they will pay the spot market rate. None will buy at retail or even wholesale value. I don’t know of any jewelry stores that give free appraisals, most will charge $20 to $50. Some appraisals may require removing stones from settings and cleaning, this takes time and the appraiser will require compensation for his services. Some jewelry stores have consignment sales, they will sell your items for a percentage of the sale price. They may also provide the appraisal free of charge.

If your looking to raise some quick cash, you can list the items on Craigslist or place an ad in your local paper. But then you will have to deal with a bunch of strangers coming to your home.