How do I shut down a website that slanders me?

A bitter ex has put up three different webpages on Geocities that show my picture and my e-mail address and says that I’m an AIDS-infected serial child molester along with my head pasted on to the bodies of gay porn stars having sex. I filled out numerous abuse forms two weeks ago, and got no reply to any of them and all the websites are still up. Do I have any legal recourse?

IANAL, but I would think that Yahoo/Geocities is opening itself up for a lawsuit if they do not respond to your complaint. Your ex is also committing libel, and I seem to recall a high school kid who did something similar to a girl he didn’t like getting shafted by the authorities a few weeks back.

My advice? Consult a lawyer, particularly if your ex has money, but even if not, Yahoo certainly does.

And you didn’t put a link to the offending websites?

You tease.
BTW, your ex does sound bitter. But bitter doesn’t seem strong enough a word.

Good Lord. Don’t prosecute her. Send her a sympathy card. “Get well soon”, maybe?

Nobody is gonna look at her pathetic site. And if they do, it’s gonna reflect a lot more on her than on you.

If you threaten a lawsuit against her, she’ll think, “heh heh heh. Sure got under his skin!”

If you ignore her, or pity her, then you humiliate her and show yourself to be unconcerned about her pettiness. Much, in my opinion, more satisfying.


There is a similar slander action pending in Buchanan County, Iowa, now. Supposedly, a deputy sheriff pasted another (female) deputy’s face on a half-naked porn star’s picture and put it on the web. I understand that the claim is against the deputy, and against the sheriff and the county since country time and computer were used.

As in any slander case the problem may be in showing an injury to reputation, although what has happened to you may amount to slander per se and actionable without special damage. None the less, I’d go looking for a deeper pocket than your ex.

Here’s their address:

Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Send them a registered letter tomorrow. Then attempt to sue their pants off if they don’t take the sites down.

Yahoo/Geocities has never once, in its entire history, responded to even one single e-mail from anyone, under any circumstances, no matter how important it was or how irresponsible and negligent it was for them to ignore it.*

*Possibly a slight exaggeration.

If it was just the run of the mill ‘he’s a doody head and here he is having intimate relations with farm animals’, I’d agree to ignore it.

But the specifics of child molester and HIV + can have some serious and not so fun repercusions IRL, so, I’d consult w/an attorney, follow up w/ Yahoo etc.

I say send Yahoo a regestered letter informing them that these websites are libeling you, and tell them that you will sue them if the sites aren’t shut down immediately. Then go talk to an attorney. Maybe have him send them a copy of the letter :wink:

One more thing: address the letter to Yahoo’s legal department. Even if they don’t have one, that will probably get your letter noticed rather quickly.

You can contact her ISP with an abuse letter and request they cancel her account due to what is surely a violation of thier Terms of Service. Probably won’t stop it, but it’ll be a pain in the ass for her.

Also, you should collect as many witnesses to this horror as possible. Post the link and I’ll sit for a deposition. I swear.

Don’t worry. It’s on geocities. No one will ever find it. :slight_smile:

Contacting Yahoo is only one of the things you should do, but not the last. The are dozens of easily accessible free web hosts. It will only be a matter of time before the slanderous information is posted elsewhere. You need to contact the police in the town in which your ex lives and present your case just as you have to us along with the URL before the site is taken down. I don’t know the local laws where you live, but if possible, you should get a restraining order. She’s more than jsut a jilted ex if she’s gnoe through that much truoble.

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