How do I spell this Italian dish?

Phoneticaly it’s pronounced something like: Bra-sholl or bra-zshol.

Something like that.
Thanks for any help.


I struggled with this very question for many years. My family makes it, but has no written recipe. One day, I was browsing the menu of an Italian restaurant and came across the proper spelling. It took me a few minutes to recognize it for what it was, since the source of the sh/z sound is weird to my Texan ears. The dish itself can be many things; my version, handed down from Felittese and Calabrese great-grandparents consists of beef cut thin (but thicker than, say, lunchmeat) and tenderized, rolled around minced garlic, herbs, and a bit of sharp cheese, then cooked in tomato sauce until tender. The version I got at Mandola’s (spelled Bresaola) was something completely different. I’ve also read a review of another variation involving pancetta and breadcrumbs that mention two more spellings: brajol and braciola.

You will sometimes see braciola; the singular for a slice. Usually beef, or perhaps horsemeat in southern Italy. Can be other meats. Various preparations. Some Italian dialects–Barese for example–tend to truncate the terminal vowel, unlike the more pure Italian. In Italian it would be pronounced with the “eh” or “uh” ending depending on if it’s plural or singular.

So I wonder, would it be possible to get your version of the recipe? It sounds great.

Which is the whole reason why I started this thread; I was trying to Google Braciole recipes.

Sure thing; I have it on my site here. Or, if you’d prefer:

Papa Riviello’s Braciole


Large skillet

Cooking twine (or cotton thread or string)



Chuck, round, or rump roast (chicken breast or thigh work, too)

Garlic, minced

Romano or Parmesan cheese, grated

Olive Oil

Tomato Sauce


1.Slice, then tenderize meat until it is about 1/8 inch thick

2.Cut meat into 3 inch by 5 inch pieces

3.Rub one side of each piece with minced garlic

4.Sprinkle rubbed side with grated cheese

5.Roll each piece up, securing it with twine

6.Optional: Cover and refrigerate over night (enhances flavor)

7.Add rolls to lightly oiled skillet, leaving room around each

8.Brown rolls thoroughly

9.Add enough tomato sauce

10.Cook until tender and browned throughout

11.Don’t forget to remove the twine before serving