How do I start a career in computers with no experiance?

Another option to consider is QA/testing. It’s not as technical or as sexy-sounding as programming so it’s easier to get into. Mind you, QA is all about finding problems and not solving them. Programmers hate it when testers try to tell them how to fix a bug (they hate it when testers find a bug too, but not as much).

Caveat: i’m not in the states so don’t know/don’t care about the job environment there.

This is a gross mischaracterization of a computer repair shop environment. The business is exceedingly difficult to survive in. The business is unsteady and customers are just as irrational as coworkers. The customers argue, claim that your actions made their system perform even more poorly, and try to demand all kinds of outrageous concessions and refunds. And you get to compete with the Geek Squads of the world, which, while at times providing somewhat poor service at exorbitant prices, have the benefit of giant marketing engines behind them. It can be a decent business to get into depending on the circumstances, but it’s hardly an easy way to make a living.