How do I stop my dog from eating his poop?

The new dog has a nasty little habit. The vet recommended putting meat tenderizer on his dog food. It made no difference.

Any suggestions?

  1. Feed him dogfood.
  2. Feed him better tasting poop (from outside source).
  3. Kill him.
  4. Give him a big, wet kiss and beseach him not to do it anymore.

Personally, I would lean towards 3…

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Burt’s on his way to your house to give you a nice big kiss full on the lips. With chunks.

I don’t remember the names, but there are products you can add to their food that makes their feces taste bad. Or you could start putting Bitter Apple on them or cleaning them up more often so there’s nothing to eat.

Urp. I can’t imagine feces tasting good under any circumstance, but I ain’t a dog. Crossing fingers that our darling Clover never picks up this habit; I pick up poo as soon as she emits it, but also try not to make POO! exciting or interesting. She does sniff at poo that other dogs leave behing (BAD owner) but (crossing fingers again) I haven’t seen her eating it.

Again, I’ve read that you shouldn’t make a big deal out of poo, either your dog’s or other animals’, so that they don’t think it’s interesting. It is, unfortunately, one of those things that dogs do that is really hard to stomach, but it’s certainly not uncommon. Unfortunately.

  1. Feed the dog better quality food. Often dogs eat poop because their diet is lacking enough nutrition.

  2. Clean up the poop as soon as it appears so the dog isn’t tempted.


There are products to treat this condition - I think they work by making the poop taste bad. Deter is probably the easiest to find.

Different species, but I had a mare that I always gave a vitamin supplement. I ran out and didn’t buy any more and she started eating her manure (it made her stall easier to clean!). When I started her back on her Clovites it stopped. You might try a doggie vitamin.


Eat it before your dog can get to it!

One of our pups did this.

Both pups get highest quality food, so it isn’t always a nutrition thing. Vet and dog trainer (at puppy school) both recommended cleaning up most poo, but leaving a few bits. Put tabasco on the bits you have left. Clean up new stuff as it appears, leave tabasco stuff in place. We now have a separate tabasco sauce bottle labelled “dog”, just to avoid, uim, mistakes. It is actually quite difficult to aim the tabasco very well - just thought I’d share that!

Seems to have worked, by and large.

We also started supplying more bones eg chicken wings, in case pup was doing it for texture. (The chicken wing idea was prompted by the dog trainer saying that cat poo is very tempting for some dogs - kitty crunchies he called it. Bleargh.)

My aunt (president of Illinois Doberman Rescue and has 10-25 dogs at her house at any one time) suggests sprinkling their food with meat tenderizer that contains MSG.* As for putting bitter apple or anything else on the poop itself, it seems to me that if your that close, you might as well just pick it up.

*I don’t know why but it’s very important that it does contain MSG.

I’d think that MSG would just make the poo taste even more delightful.

Pee on it.

Give him a little real raw meat & a bone now & again.

Works fine.

Rejoice at the money you’re saving.
Discontinue all doggy kisses.
Don’t tell Opal.

Have you tried asking nicely? Did you say “please?”

If it’s a puppy sometimes they outgrow it. My dog used to eat gravel when she was a puppy. Now she sticks her nose up at most dog food.

It’s got to be better than having to clean up the yard. Your dog is saving you work!