How do I strip wax buildup off my kitchen floor?

We have a bunch of old wax buildup on our kitchen floor and I would like to take it off. If I take a metal scrubber and scrub really hard I can take some off in a small area but to do this for the entire floor would take days, not to mention a probable case of carple tunnels. Is there some piece of equipment or chemical I can use to take the wax off?

I can’t tell you where you’ll get it. Commerial floor crews use a wax stripper. A half hour soak and some abrasive scrubing from a rough pad or brush. Wash it off and refinish the floor. Be carefull about the fumes like the product says. I leave other solutions and this ones finding for you.

Make a paste of water and washing soda (laundry aisle). Spread it and leave for an hour or more. Rinse well with half water/half vinegar. Rinse again until it’s all up.

You’ll need to look at hardware stores to find floor stripper. Ace always seems to have the stuff, and usually in home-friendly quantities.

Put it on the floor, let it sit a while, scrub the gunk off, rinse, repeat as/where needed, and be amazed as layers of wax and trapped dirt disappear.

Protect yourself - this stuff dissolves wax and acrylic finishes. It’ll just as easily strip all the skin oil out of your hands. Trust me on this - it stings, so gloves are a good idea.

Many chemicals also asorb through the skin into the blood stream, so get glooves the are meant to protect from chemicals, not just water.