How do I subscribe without using PayPal?

I view the Dope most often on my phone and these ads are driving me batspit insane. When I tried to subscribe, my only option was through Paypal, which I neither have nor want. Is it possible to subscribe with a credit card? Please advise!

Assuming you are in the USA, then yes. I don’t have or want Paypal either and I re-subscribe by credit card every year.

If you click the SDMB link to subscribe, there is an option on the first PayPal page to pay by cc *via *PayPal without creating a PayPal account. The link is not real obvious, so do this on a real desktop/laptopwhere you can see what you’re doing; not on a phone where you’re looking at dumbed-down pages through a soda straw.

If you are outside the USA, then AFAIK you’re screwed. It’s full-bore PayPal account or nothing.

Thank you! I am in the US and that is just the info I was looking for.

I’m outside the US and since my subscription is up soon decided to check. I get no option to not use Paypal but I do get the option to use Paypal as a guest. That is, I don’t have to sign up to Paypal.

Same here in Canada. I sign in to PayPal as a guest and have no trouble paying by credit card.

I’m Aus without PayPal, and always pay via Visa debit.

That seems to be progress. IIRC a couple years ago we had this Q and then it was a Canadian expressing frustration that PayPal didn’t offer that option to him/her.

For some weird reason, the PayPal interface varied with the browser you used. I use Safari, and one time when I tried to pay, there was no guest option showing. But if you switched to FireFox, there was a guest option.

If people are having trouble with PayPal, it may be worth noodling around with the browsers to see if there is a difference.

I agree with Northern Piper. I remember the discussions and I believe one or more Canadians had problems in the past (don’t know if they still do), but as a Canadian I have always used the option where you don’t create an actual Paypal account and have never had problems.