how do i tell how much video ram i have?

how do i tell how much video ram i have?
I would like to be able to tell using something inherent to win 98se instead of an external program.

You will probably have a utility that came in with the drivers for your video card.

For a Voodoo 3 for example there is a utlility caleed 3dfx tools.

Somewhere in there will be the version of software and hardware that you have.It will go on to give information on the type of card chipset, it’s clock speed and RAM.

There is the possibility that some information is shown on your monitor during the boot-up process something like a manufacturers logo with the hardware type on it and maybe the clock speed plus RAM data.

You should be able to tell based upon the resolution / color depth your card will support. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the formula off the top of my head, so hopefully some helpful computer guru will be along shortly…

Thanks, Casdave, the startup post is a good place to start, and Mauve Dog, the colors supported would give me an idea for a lower mem card, but over 8 megs I don’t think it will change

Anyone out there with one of those really fast 64 meg video cards out there, what is the max resolution you can run 256, 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit color in?

Do the following:

Right click on your desktop … choose properties.
Click on settings
Click on advanced
Click on Adapter

it will now tell you a bunch of crap … including how much RAM your video adapter has.

WIN95 has a utility calles SYSINFO.EXE that will give you much system information. I have 4 MB video Ram but it reports 3 MB… go figure

reports 4MB correctly and it is a free download which I find very useful.

thanks L7 that seems like the best way to do that
sailor, thanks, but I have to determine it fast w/o loading programs, win 98 doesn’t appear to have sysinfo at least on my box.

No problem.

You have 16 MB. I’d tell you how I know, but then I’d have to kill you. :smiley:

Is 64 mb of DDR memory good? Is a GeForce II an ok card? :smiley: