How do I trade in this stock after de-listing?

My wife holds (held? it’s unclear at this point because of the delisting) stock in PetroChina.
PetroChina de-listed its stock from the NYSE in October of this year. My wife invested for the long haul and doesn’t regularly read the news on stocks, and TD Ameritrade didn’t give her any kind of warning about this, so she didn’t sell it before it was delisted.

TD Ameritrade said she should just write it off as a loss, but it’s $1200 and that seems dumb. The stock appears to be traded on other markets, including the Hong Kong exchange.

Is it that much of a hassle to try to open an account on the Hong Kong exchange, get the shares recognized, and then trade them? If so, does anyone have some guidelines for doing that? Or is she going to spend most of her $1200 just getting this properly set up due to taxes, fees, etc?

While this is not IMHO, I could also use suggestions for good brokerages to work with that could help us accomplish this, assuming it’s possible.


Unfortunately I still hold PTRCY stock which I bought a while back for the dividend and forgot about in my less used brokerage account. As the stock has delisted and does no longer trade OTC do I have the option to exchange the shares for HK shares or is the investment lost?

They have said this in their announcement : The Company will maintain the listing and trading of its shares on the HKSE and the SSE after the delisting of its ADSs from the NYSE. The ADS holders may surrender their ADSs for the underlying H Shares, which can be traded on the HKSE.

Contact your broker to convert your ADSs into H shares

You need to switch to/add Schwab, etc: