How do I turn off some or all of the Waze map icons?

I’ve looked online, and when I find others asking the same question, they get answered by Waze fanboys outraged by the idea that anyone would WANT to turn them off.

There are pothole notices, vehicles at some od road notices, police vehicle notices, and various other stuff scattered across the map, I just want a clean map for navigation, though if there is a notification for a closed road (haven’t seen it yet) that’s one that would be useful.

I’ve switched off ALL the “notifications” and there’s all kinds of crap still on the map, including icons for gas stations, hotels, etc,

You can’t.

And you also can’t even buy a ‘premium’ version of the software that let’s you do this (turn off the nearby store ads or customize the view much). Waze is not merely a GPS app, it’s a GPS-meets-Facebook-meets-crowdsourcing app. If you just want GPS use Google Maps (they’ll inevitably be adding more traffic info).

But then you can’t get Morgan Freeman giving you directions!!

Wanting to turn it all off completely misses the point. That is the sole purpose for Waze’s existence. Without it you have an average-at-best navigation program. I’ve heard this complaint before, and it still makes no sense to me. Everything on Waze is helpful, at the minimum it makes you aware of something coming up on your drive, and it’s saved me from the revenooers many a time, a hell of a benefit from a free program.

Google’s service would probably suit you much better.

It makes sense to me because both the Uber and Lyft driver apps support Google Maps and Waze, and no others. I’m finding that Google has a significant updating lag, and more than once I’ve passed by a location while the map shows me still coming up on it. Waze doesn’t have the lag, it just has a bunch of crap cluttering up the screen.

a little off topic,but may I ask:
Who looks at the screen when using Waze?
The voice instructions work perfectly for me. The screen display isn’t very helpful-it’s usually very zoomed in, so you just see the name of the street you are on.
Looking at the screen while driving is dangerous, anyway.

Though I do agree that some of the warnings are irritating and unnecessary:
“vehicle stopped at the side of the road”–So what? it doesn’t affect me driving in my lane.
“construction ahead”–So what? There is nothing I can do about that.

I don’t use the speech part because I have music going.

Missed edit window:

Or I’m talking with my riders. But I have the phone mounted so it’s just an inch or so below my line of sight out through the window, I only have to look at it for a moment at a time., and I still see the road.

For a while they had C3PO as an option. I loved hearing, “Turn right, Master”.

Settings -> Display Settings -> Show on Map -> toggle everything off. That’s as close as you’re going to get. Looking at mine now, there’s still some things that pop up that are obviously paid for (Goodyear, Chick-Fil-A, etc.), but otherwise I’m only seeing map.