How do I type a decimal point on my PC keyboard?

This is weird after all these years of using PCs I can’t find it anywhere using shift, entrol , num pad etc
Google isn’t helping either
I’ve got a standard full sized PC keyboard
How do i type a floating decimal point
ie one that is centred upway between top & bottom as you might write it
**not **positioned like a full stop/period) ?

You mean something like this?


If so, just bring up the Character Map utility. It’s in there. Select, copy, paste…

I don’t understand. Where are you from? In the US, the decimal point is at the bottom, the same as a period. We use the decimal that is provided in the numerical keypad to the right of the alpha keyboard, but it is in all ways the same as a period.

you can also use ALT+0183

Not it’s not the same , that’s why I asked the question. I’m NOT from the US , I’m in the UK. Even though for most purposes the full spot would have sufficed and we use it in the same way.
In fact 'm not typing decimals as such but I want a word separator that looks exactly like a floating decimal as I described . I’ll try the suggestions offered.

Thanks. so it’s called an "interpoint/interpuct " and given my location and age it’s not surprising I was still looking for it.

It works for me 3·4159265


Are you saying that for most purposes in the UK, it is sufficient to put a decimal point at the bottom, but it is preferred to put it in the middle? I’m not all that worldly, but I don’t recall EVER seeing it like that.

Thanks but I can’t use the alt + 0183 shortcut
I get a windows exclamation sound etc
Maybe it’s just for US keyboard settings?

That’s a big pi.

i always put the decimal point in the middle when writing.

type it in this order -

[li]hold ALT[/li][li]press 0[/li][li]press 1[/li][li]press 8[/li][li]press 3[/li][li]let go of ALT[/li][/ol]

I’m · on · a · UK · keyboard · and · alt 0183 · works · for · me :slight_smile: Remember to use the keypad for the numbers, not the top row.

I’m on a Mac. What do I do?

Use Character Viewer! (I have to put middle dots between metric units: kW·h.) Looking at Keyboard Viewer, it also seems to be Option-Shift-9. ··· Yep!

For·those·using·OS X, it’s·opt-shift-9
ETA · I see Sunspace figured it out while I was typing.

Note that you have to have NUMLOCK turned on for this to work.

Ok ·I ·got·it·now

When I was taught math in the USA, we learned that the raised dot · stood for multiplication. It meant the same as the more familiar multiplication sign ×. Why use the raised dot when multiplication already had a sign? I’m guessing that was to avoid confusion of × with the letter x in algebra.

Obviously, in such a universe the same raised dot as a decimal point could not work. It would make figures turn out wayyy the heck different, speaking of confusion.

In the UK ‘.’ e.g. ‘5.101’ is the standard way of writing decimal points.

Using ‘·’ e.g. ‘5·101’ can be confusing as it’s often used to indicate multiplcation.

You accidentally a whole digit. When come back… you know. :smiley: