How do I use this mandoline slicer?

Okay, so years ago, I got this mandoline slicer for Christmas.

It came with no users’ manual, no instructions, not even a single piece of paper in the box. I understand the basic idea: you stick a blade in the thing, run a couple veggies over it, and blammo! Slices! Crinkle cut fries! Whathaveyou! Except I have no idea which blade does what, or how the blades even go in the thing. I tried just figuring it out once, but it didn’t work at all and it was clear to me I don’t know how to set the thing up. There’s all kinds of adjustment knob thingies everywhere and lots of sharp bits, and it seems like it would be a real labor-saving fun little gadget to have around, especially when I’m making onion rings or something where I want/need consistent thickness in slices. But it has sat in my kitchen for years, in a cabinet, unused, because no instructions. And I don’t know someone who cooks professionally or who may have encountered such a thing, locally. My sister might know, but she lives 1,000 miles away.

Can anyone point me to detailed instructions that are more specific than Martha Stewart slicing up potato chips on YouTube?

The specifications tab does give a little bit of text description of the steps. Sadly the Support tab is empty.

You’d slice by running the handle from top to bottom, so the blades should face that direction.

Thanks, that’s at least a bit more detail than I’ve found so far. Still, that site didn’t tell me which blade was which and exactly where to stick it into the frame. It sounds like it should be obvious, but there’s a couple different slots that the blades could fit into. It is obvious which direction they should be facing; in fact, there’s little arrows on each blade for morons like me.

I didn’t even know mandolins needed to be sliced!

Can you fry them to make mandolin chips?

Sorry – I have a love of irrelevant comments, but this is what came into my mind upon reading the thread title. I have a lower-tech version of this (which I used in cooking with apples a few days ago), and I didn’t even know it had a name. I’ve been using it since I was a kid, and have never seen instructions for one.

No, but if you hum a few bars, I’ll fake it. :smiley:

OMG I am in the EXACT SAME SITUATION. I bought a mandolin slicer too and got all excited about it and me and my SO both couldn’t figure it out. Now he is very good at putting things together and very mechanically savvy but since he couldn’t get it either we stuffed it in the back of the cupboard and gave up.

Mine is not the exact sliver, but pretty similar.

Right?! I am an excellent putter-together of things and am very mechanically inclined. I think I’ve kept this to myself for so long because I’m humiliated that I haven’t been able to figure out what seems like it should be the simplest thing.

It’s not like I’m stupid either! I have put together bookshelves and shelving units, and even assembled dressers. I’m not perfect by any means but the two of us together should have had no problem.

I have also been embarrassed. :frowning:

For future reference, YouTube has a video for everything!
Kimmos Mandoline Slicer

Video gives detailed demonstration of how everything works, including how to put the blades in.

Hey, thanks!

Looking at the box on that video: I think I got some cheap knockoff version from Amazon because I don’t remember my box being that fancy with the blades labeled and everything. :smack:

Dogzilla, Anaamika,

I don’t have your particular model of mandoline. I do, however, have a Matfer mandoline that looks similar. (and gave me similar fits when I tried to figure out how the hell it worked.) Looking at the nine photos on the Amazon page, combined with my slicer, I think I can help you both with how to use the bloody thing.

First, I recommend Very Strongly that you always use the food holder, as well as a cut-resistant glove when using the device. You will cut your hand open if you omit either of those steps. Just trust me on this.

Second, looking at your device, and imagining it set up on the table, with the upper end at the left and the lower end on the right, I notice a knob higher up than the slots you stick blades in. This knob raises and lowers the upper, hinged plane in order to vary the slice thickness. On mine, the lower plane is removable and screws into the mandoline. On one end of the plane is a straight razor blade, the other end has a waffle cut side.

Yours looks like it’s a bit different. Lower down the mandoline is an L-shaped slot, with the long axis of the L parallel to the upper plane, and the short axis of the L higher up the mandoline. From what I see, the long axis is for placing the flat, long blades, like the slicer, the grater(s), or the waffle cutter. As you note, they only go in one way. To use, put on your cut-resistent glove and place whatever you want cut on the spikes of the food holder. Then use your gloved hand to slide the food holder and thing to be cut down the slope of the upper plane until you reach the bottom. The slicer, grater or waffle cutter will be sticking up a tiny bit, and will easily slice a bit off the bottom of whatever’s attached to the food holder. It gets easy with practice, anyway. The slice on mine falls underneath the mandoline. I don’t know whether on yours it falls within a catcher or not. Turn the knob to vary how thick you want things. It looks like on yours that to use the grater, you might need to raise the upper plane all the way to the top

You’ll note that the julienne blades look like a row of metal right triangles. You want the hypotenuse of those triangles to be upslope from the long side of the right triangle. It does not look like the mandoline requires that you also have one of the flat long blades within the device at the same time. It does look like that you can use the julienne blade with any of the flat long blades. Does the julienne blade look like it locks into the mandoline somehow? Mine relies on friction between two raised ends of the sides of the julienne blades against similarly raised areas within the slot.

So, after all this effort, what do you get? It allows me to crank out see-through cucumber slices as fast as I can whip a cucumber up and down the ramp. It’s the only way I can make zuchinni noodles (with the julienne blades) without losing my mind. And it will whip out waffle cut patty pans with amazing speed. Balance that against it being a PITA to clean.

Sorry about the length. Feel free to bombard me with questions; I’ll try to help.

Edit: It pays to quick review first. Congrats on the video.