How do insects work?

It may sound silly, but how exactly do insects work? Do insects have a heart, a nervous system, lungs… a colon? It’s just one of those things I’ve never thought about it before. :smiley:

Silly answer: Nine to five, like the rest of us.

Serious answer: Yes, they do have hearts and nervous systems, and some have lungs. Others–I think–have some sort of breathing mechanisms through their carapace.

Google is your friend

Unless you’re paranoid


That’s a good site but it is a bit dated on the breathing aspects.

This site reveals some new information I think is facinating (I used to work down the hall from these guys at the FMNH - very cool guys)

They used a Synchrotron to do that? Hmmm i’ve got to get one of those. :slight_smile: