How do morbidly obese people reproduce?

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Fair enough, since I’ve often wondered how the morbidly obese do just about any normal activities, including reproducing. On occasion I’ll see a very large couple who’ve either just had a child or are expecting. You gotta kind of wonder. I mean, there is a point at which standard intercourse becomes impossible.

I suppose the guy could masturbate and then introduce the sperm to his lovers vagina by using his fingers. I’m sort of guessing here, and this may be what Chief Pedant and colleagues had in mind?

From the linked thread;

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I suppose the guy could masturbate and then introduce the sperm to his lovers vagina by using his fingers. I’m sort of guessing here, and this may be what Chief Pedant and colleagues had in mind?

From the linked thread;[/QUOTE]

The thought never crossed my mind!

Sheesh. :confused:

I await the input of the Dopers to answer the question, though.:slight_smile:

It’s not as hard as you seem to think. I don’t know what you consider “really, really fat,” but I am 400 lbs, my wife is 300. We have sex just like you. Mainly just missionary, because I also have a form of MD, so I can’t be as athletic, so to speak. It ain’t that tough.


Uncommon Sense - Your link takes me to a “response” page that quotes a message in a thread.

First of all, I didn’t know that a link could do that.

Second, did you mean to do that?

Third, if so, why?

Do you mean morbidly obese as in “having a BMI over 40,” (to get a bit technical) or morbidly obese as in “really fat in general”?

Short answer is pretty much like anybody else, although there are some positions more difficult or impossible to achieve. I even turned up a few web pages with positions for facilitating sex between fat people, though it seems to me that it shouldn’t be that hard to figure that sort of thing out on your own. (I mean if you have to figure it out by necessity, not if you’re a not-fat person just wondering about it.)

( :smack: I told myself, “self, stay out of these threads…” )

The short answer: like everyone else.

The long answer: I’m sure that once you get up into the true “supersize” levels of obesity (such as someone who can’t leave their couch), it becomes impossible. But basically anyone who is still mobile and such can have pentrational intercourse, and I’m very frightened that the doctor you quoted has any sort of doubt about it. There are certain positions that my husband and I (both over 350 pounds) have a little difficulty with, but none that are outright impossible. Well, OK, holding me up off my feet against a wall requires the help of a swimming pool, but I think that’s true for a lot of normal weight couples as well.

I don’t know if anyone actually said this, or if iot’s just a joke. As it’s told, some curious bystander asks an extremely obesde guy how he and his wife get it on, and is told: “You’re not the first short-peckered guy to ask that!”

I have a BMI of 42 and can have sex with no problems. :confused:

Everyone, out of the thread, and go outside this instant

But then how will we be able to read your brilliant contributions?

I used to be morbidly obese, now I’m just large and today is my son’s 9th birthday. It was a little tough to have sex, but I have a rather long penis and when I get erect, it pops out just like any other guy’s.

When it comes to the act itself, just like anyone else, you climb up on top and hold yourself up with your arms. It’s harder and you can’t do it as long, unless you’re Hercules, but it isn’t impossible. We could do all positions and when I lost the weight, the only difference i found was that we could do them longer. You know, not get as winded as fast. In fact, women have told me they liked having sex with me when I was fat better because my “fat” down there pressed up against their clits and gave them even more pleasure.

I can see how people would think what you think, but again, other than being fat, it’s not that different from skinny people. Most fat people have a harder time bathing and fitting into clothes than having sex. That’s the truth.

Whoops, accidental.
As a side note.
I hope nobody feels compelled to answer the question if they feel that the question isn’t sincere. There is no underlying motive other than this: I was under the assumption that padded layers near the groin would make it difficult for very large people to engage in a successful act of insemination through typical intercourse. I suppose this may be the case for some couples, but I’m sure is far from typical - just like coping with any other anomaly that people would otherwise have.

I’m on a first-name basis with a woman whose weight is probably approaching 400 pounds, and her husband has to be in the upper 290’s range. They have an active sex life (so they tell me, repeatedly).

I’m scared to ask why they think you need to know.

I fixed the link.

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Absolutely true. Clothes are not an issue - I can go to the Big & Tall. But I have a teeny, tiny shower - the bathroom as a whole is about twice as big as a standard shower stall - it’s a major pain in the ass. Sex, as I stated, is just not a problem, and, no, my pecker isn’t super-long.

ETA - Umm… I mean… I have a HUMONGOUS pecker.


I’m still trying to figure out what the son’s birthday has to do with the rest of the post, and the proximity of the 2nd clause to the 1st made me :eek:

There is now a fine layer of Wheat Thins and Coke on my keyboard.

Not to kill the joke, but he mentioned his son’s birthday as evidence of his having been able to reproduce.

Reminds me of David Sedaris’s redneck brother, who said he suffered from the dicdu disease: “My gut sticks out farther than my dicdu!”