How do prisons deal with fire evacuations?

After reading this article*, I wondered-what happens if there’s a fire or something in a prison, and the place has to be evacuated?

I wouldn’t want a bunch of Charles Mansons running around loose, but I don’t think it would be, well, ethical to let them burn.

So, is there a precedure?

*yes, I know it has nothing to do with my question, but I thought I’d include it in case someone asked what article I was reading

That’s probably why most prisons have big outside areas. The prisoners probably just assemble there until they can be transferred.

I’m not sure how they’re handled, but I know they can be messy. I recall a prison fire in Ohio (I think it was) during the early 20th century in which over a hundred inmates died because their cells weren’t unlocked in time.

Yes, there was actually a prison fire at the Ohio State Penitentiary and 500 inmates died. Spookily enough, the arena for the Columbus BlueJackets hockey team is built were the penitentiary used to be… :slight_smile: