How do the mobile versions of geforce & radeon compare to their desktop equivalents?

Does anyone know of an online comparrison chart between mobile versions of the market leaders (nvidia and ati) and their desktop equivalents?

Are they seriously cut down versions unable to compete?

The fastest mobile chips are based off of mid-range desktop products, though they might be clocked slower/have less video memory - the fastest ATI mobile cards are based off the Radeon 9600 series of chips; the fastest Nvidia mobile cards are based off the Geforce 5600 series. Note, you might see Laptops with a “Radeon 9700 mobility” - this is actually NOT THE desktop 9700 chip, but actually a faster clocked version of 9600 chip. Confusing? :confused: :smiley: Further down the speed line you get the mobile Geforce5200, then Radeon 9200/9000 then down to Geforce 4MX / then comes integrated crap.

Overall, the mobile versions tend to be a bit slower, often due to having to cut down on the video memory. Also note, that other parts of a laptop will slow down game performance - most laptops have 4200 or 5400 RPM harddrives, while most desktop machines have 7200 RPM drives. Still, good mobile chips are more than fast enough for gaming - a GeforceGo 4 MX will handle almost game out their, abeit, you have to turn down the eye candy. The best mobile graphics out there are the Radeon 9600 based ones, which can play any game quite nicely.
Here is one comparison between a Mobile Radeon 9600 & a GeforceGO 5650. The Radeon kicks but here.

Just bumping because I got my laptop, and, I had nothing to worry about. The card (geforce go 5700) performs just fine on all my games, including the most demanding I have - FarCry.
Now I just hope it plays Doom3 ok in 3 or 4 days (not released here yet)