How do they do things on hidden camera shows then?

Well I always saw these things on hidden camera shows Beadle’s About in the UK a van ran off into harbour a car gets blown into hedge someone comes home to find garden dug up to intall some sewer pipes and I just wondered from a legal perspective how they were able to destroy someone’s property and in a house TV blew up in another room and then water came through the ceiling and flooded the house and anyone know of any other good stunts now then? How do they do all these different things then?

Punctuation is your friend.

A lot of them aren’t hidden at all, and are completely contrived. But for the ones that are “legit”, they have to get a lot of permits to be there. And permission from the owners. And get a release signed by anyone on screen. Plants/PA’s are usually controlling as much of the set as possible.

Whence comes this knowledge? Are you simply guessing, or have you worked on such a show?

I can’t answer for snfaulkner but some of the shows I’ve seen have stated the controlled conditions in the narration. You can always tell a background person who hasn’t given permission by the fact that their face is blurred out.