How do they get boar bristles?

Two years later and I’m still annoyed that Chinese people don’t have to pay extra for non-suffering meat.

I think it may be a little late to try MENsplaining anything to Cindy (although to be fair, it was probably always too late).

Cindy, first of all I respect your position. Mankind (let’s drop ‘men’) harvests enough animals, no need for abject cruelty.

But are you claiming that small sized, thin, dog or cat hide is indistinguishable from cowhide?

And furthermore, China has a huge cattle industry. It has been expanding at over 6% a year for the past 40 years.


If you can’t find the meat you’re looking for, perhaps you’d be interested in this cologne…

What a coincidence!

That is what they would like you to think. Just like no one talks about how naugahyde is harvested.

And you won’t *believe *how they harvest formaldehyde! Poor little formaldes! [Dr. Strangelove]bred and…slaughtered[/Dr.S]

My uncle had a ranch, he raised formaldes, naugas, and even jeckylands for their skins.

Ducks can be plucked relatively painlessly when just about to moult, you’ll pay more for certified ethically harvest down, if it cheap you can guess how it was harvested.
Rabbits are skinned butchered for meat.
Dogs are routinely skin alive in Asia, my Asian friends from various countries think its quite amusing, the pelts end up as fur trimming in cheap clothing.
I’m no fan of PETA but there is a lot of truth in Cindy’s post.

No, it comes from goats. As does mohair, from the angora goat.

But amusingly enough, angora wool does come from [del]tribbles[/del]rabbits :slight_smile:

What’s most ignorant is that you keep referring to MEN as the only evil-doers. I’m glad you brought light to the subject matter, but be careful, you’re only further another ignorance.

Funny. Zombie skin peels right off.

One of us! One of us!

That’ll do, pig.

As soon as she said cashmere comes from rabbits and leather comes from dogs, I turned off my ‘accuracy meter.’

Dog fur is useful though. Longer haired breeds make for great ruffs in cold weather. It’s hydrophobic and the various lengths of fur make it great for It’s not wolverine, but it’s significantly cheaper and easier to get and dogs are way more overpopulated in their range than wolverines. (Of course, this belies the fact that typically ‘dog fur’ from China is actually ‘raccoon dog’ which is a canid species, but a different genus than domestic dogs. The name is due to it looking like a raccoon, but being a canid. It’s sometimes called ‘Asiatic raccoon’ or ‘Murmansky.’ It’s an invasive in Europe and hunted regularly with Finland killing over 100 thousand a year. The Swedish eradication program is kind of neat. Raccoon dogs are monogamous, so they’ll capture a male and sterilize it and put a tracker on it. It will roam until it finds a mate and when it stops moving, the Swedes send in a kill team to kill the female. They then release the male to find another mate. They call them ‘Judas dogs.’ I digress though.)

And of course, skinning animals alive may happen, but it sure as heck isn’t an industry practice. If you rip a hide, you cut its value in half or worse. There’s no way you want to risk a struggling animal making your knife slip. There’s no advantage between alive and just dead, so it makes very little sense to risk your profit for what? Sadism? Companies are amoral, not sadistic. A CO2 chamber is typically the kill method of choice for very obvious reasons. A stressed animal is an animal prone to losing fur or damaging itself and that costs the company money. CO2 is cheap, fast and it preserves the fur.

I would propose that it’s rather useless to compose rational responses to a fly-by poster from 3 years ago who has only that one post, which revived a zombie from 11 years before that.

Heh, I never think to check the dates on these things. I probably need to. This board has more zombie threads than any other that I’ve ever been on.

I agree. I doubt that cindymecindy is going to respond. I’m going to close this, and anyone who wishes to continue a debate on the subject can open a new thread in Great Debates.

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