How do they make Pringles?

I know there’s a simple answer out there, but how do they make Pringles in that uniform shape, and, additionally, package them?

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Not an expert but,

I believe that
Pringles are to potato parts -
what McNuggets are to chicken parts.

Potatos whipped, compressed, molded and then bake dried.

There are some questions that are better left unanswered.

This is one of them. :slight_smile:

Sure, from the looks of them, the potatos are almost powdered-so the ‘Potato Nuggets’ analogy seems sound. However, how do they mold them into shape? Do they extrude a bar of potato pulp, and then use something like an egg slicer to make the individual chips?

And my fixation on potato products has nothing to do with my Irish heritage…lol.

From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee-

Don’t lots of Italian women stomp them with their feet in large vats while acordian music plays??..oh wait… I get that confused with wine making!

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

The potato slices are put in molds then cooked and released…takes all of 45 seconds…

Hey now, put Pringle Potato CRISPS, out next to regualar ol’ potato chips and you will see which gets eaten first.[url/]


First, they take some cheap cardboard and make a gruel out of it. Then they suck all the flavor out of that. Then they leave it out in the sun under a dead tree where buzzards roost. After a few days, they pick up all the things that look like Pringles and put them in a can. They sell the rest for use in doghouse insulation.

The Ruffles. Especially the cheddar ones.

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Hell, I’d eat the Pringles first. Dunno why, but I love em! I like how they dissolve the instant they hit your tongue…

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They’re not made - they’re squirted out the ass end of a giant worm and left to dry.

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The truth is that Pringles are fingernail clippings from genetically engineered clones of the rare dinosaur spudosaurus idahoii. The folks at Jurassic Snax tinkered with the DNA of s. idahoii to make its fingernails grow at a prodigious rate. The side effect of the increased growth rate is, of course, a less dense, more “crunchy” consistency to the keratin.

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