How do those people who's religion won't let them remove their hats wash their hair?

And what are those people called? I thought that was the Sikhs, but I seem to recall a group of Muslims with the same belief.

Anyway, I guess the real answer is just “they don’t really have to have their hat on all the time, that’s just a common myth”. Like the Monk’s vow of silence.
Hmm… on further inspection, it seems like my above wording of “those people” and other things might sound a little offensive. Believe me, I don’t mean to offend.

There are MANY religious denominations or sects where you must have your head covered whenever you are outdoors, or in public, or in the company of other people.

There is no religion that I know of that requires you to have your headgear on 24/7.

Thanks, JRDelirious, I thought the answer would be something like that.

Actually, the real answer is that ‘those people’ don’t have any hair. It’s just a bit of fluff they poke out of the underside of the headgear. The turban itself is plastic laminated (and has been since they first came along, hundreds of years ago) so water just rolls right off it. In fact, Sikhs have been wearing these things for so long that they’ve become part of the evolutionary cycle: most children are now born with turbans as part of their heads. Logicians think the extra space this creates above the brain is used to store abstract concepts such as Planck’s constant and March the 21st.


What JRDelirious said. I had a friend in college who was (I believe) a Sikh. He wore his turban all the time except for showering.

I went on a school trip a few years back, and one of the guys wore a turban. The subject came up during the 6 hour drive, and he said it’s kindof like wearing a tie, and yes he takes it off at night, bath, etc. In fact, he reveiled that (like some ppl with ties), if he’s only gotta go to school tomorrow, and he’ll probably get up late, he’ll take it off carefully and put it someplace so he won’t have to spend time wrapping it the next day. :smiley:

Actually, the Sikh turban is not a requirement of their religion. Sikh men and women are prohibited from cutting, trimming, or shaving any of the hair on their body. The Sikh turban has simply become a standard method for mean to deal with their long hair.

Same with orthodox Jews who keep their heads covered at all other times. They bare their heads to shower. They’re religious, not crazy or stupid.