How do we define creativity?

Some of the most creative people I know have found their mediums in things not considered to be artistic. Can an accountant be artistic in his approach to cost accounting? Can a Dr. be artistic in his approach to diagnosing a patient. Can a gardener be artistic in his approach to composting? I think yes, I think anytime we approach something with a fresh open mind and a desire to experience something in its whole while we think outside the box in planning our approach to solving the problems or simply putting a plan to work we are being artistic. Any thoughts on this?

People can be creative in almost any field. However the potential for individual acclaim varies dramatically by situation. God bless the people who developed the various small incision surgeries; they are probably celebrities in certain specialized circles. Ditto for the main developers of anti-lock brakes. And ditto for the thousands of people who have made small tweaks that improve manufacturing efficiency.

Many of those advancements involve esoteric knowledge, and most people can’t appreciate them without learning a lot of backstory. Almost anyone can like a nice movie, or a painting, or a short story, or a song. Although what’s “nice” is not the same for everyone.

The title of your thread asks about “creativity”, but your post mostly talks about being “artistic” - two different things if you ask me, being creative (which I agree is possible in most any aspect of life) is not the same thing as being an artist IMO.