How do you become a member of the SDMB?

I recall getting a popup once that asked me to become a member of the SDMB (as opposed to a “guest”). But at the time I was busy and dismissed it. Now, I cannot find a place to do that (and I have looked).

So two things:

  1. Where can I sign-up?

  2. You (people who run this place) should make it as easy as possible for people to give you money.

The subscription system that we had on vBulletin did not port over to Discourse. Management is aware of the issue. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information beyond that.

Subscriptions are currently not working, and I do not have a time frame for when this issue will be addressed.

When we have more information, we will pass it along to all of you.

You can just sign up and send money?

I had to go at midnight to a secret cavern and walk across hot coals and undergo “The Ritual of the Spicy Wings”. I had to read Schrodinger’s poems promising never to reveal the true identity of Cecil Adams, and, to a lesser degree, Slug Signorio. They got you really drunk than put you on that elevated Chicago subway.

But… budget cuts.

You didn’t have to pass “inspection” by Mariah? Lucky you!

Damn, I had to send cookies and bourbon to all the mods!

I became a member secretly.
I woke up one morning and I was a member and I had vague dream like memories of the night before.

Yeah, I now have PTSD*.
Believe me probing is not an experience you want to remember.

(*Post traumatic Straight Doping)

It’s easier for some than others. I had to study for a couple years and get circumcised.

Did the squid port over? There used to be a squid involved.

Paging @Discosquid

I used to be a member. It wasn’t hard, send cash, they don’t even use one of those pens to see if the bills are real.

That was (and as far as I know, still is) Mariah.

I still have nightmares. And hickeys in … places.

Isn’t it the wind that’s called Mariah?

Hell, once they get it back up and going, if you don’t want to pay the money I will for your account for a couple of years. :slight_smile: I never realized you were a guest.

Increase your fiber intake and you too can be regular.

Thanks for the offer (very cool)! Happy to pay my own way though.

Over the years I have drifted in and out. I have been a paid member before. They offered “Charter Member” when I was between jobs and could not afford to do that and that ended before I could.

So, I figured with the new board and all time to re-sub.

Man. The first rule of The Ritual of the Spicy Wings is that we never ever discuss The Ritual of the Spicy Wings…

And the first rule of Schrodinger’s poems is that said first rule of the Ritual both does and does not exist at the same time. Or something like that. I was drunk on Rusty Nails and hand sanitizer.

I apologize it the information is around here somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

Since I get real value from the SDMB (and have for years), I’d like to contribute. Monetarily, that is, not just the occasional misguided post. Any hints? Or is that still in the works? Thanks.


The subscription system that we had on vBulletin did not port over when we switched to Discourse. It’s on the list of things to be fixed.

Obviously, the Dope is of great value to me and I’d like to support it when I can, whether there are tangible benefits for doing so or not.

But what tangible benefits do subscribers get that guests do not?