How do you Clean Credit Cards?

My credit cards are mess. They live in my wallet without plastic holder/envelopes. I’ve noticed over time they get this grey film on both sides including the magnetic strip. My last debit card was so dirty that it became unreadable.

I’m wondering if there is an easy way to remove this film without damaging the magnetic strip? I would assume that abrasive cleaners would do damage but I don’t know. Please help.


I’m interested to know - is your wallet made of leather?

A few years back as an intern I worked on a project involving the drivers licence database for Alberta. If your licence got broken or otherwise unuseable, you could turn it in for a new one, and the old ones were collected and sent back every couple of months to see if there was one particular outlet that was generating flaky licence cards.

It fell to me to attempt to reconstruct and get a proper scan out of many hundreds of grimy cards, which always seemed to have a persistent brown patina that was dubbed ‘wallet fungus’ for its tendancy to spread to all your credit cards.

That’s all I have - this OP just gave me flashbacks of hours spent in yellow rubber gloves trying to get a barcode reader to beep in success. :wink: