How do you consume upcoming movie media?

Modern media has made trailers and previews really weird. Since I cut the cable cord, my exposure to commercials is effectively nil. The only time I’m a captive audience is at the movie theater.

Over the years I’ve developed a habit of purposefully avoiding not only spoilers (a baseline habit), but even trailers and stills for movies that I’m interested in seeing. I don’t do it in the Comic Book Guy “spoilers, geez!” trope sort of way, but I just don’t click on links to discussions or videos about movies that I’m looking forward to. It’s actually trivially easy to avoid that sort of thing on the

For me, this also means that when I see trailers for the first time (in the theater, the way God intended), they’re exciting and fresh. It also means that I don’t usually participate in fan dissection/prediction discussions, but that’s okay with me. It also means that when something amazing comes along about a movie, it will be so exciting that it reaches critical internet mass and I’ll find out about it no matter what.

tl;dr - I don’t watch movie trailers on YouTube. How about you?

Oddly enough, I do love to read all about upcoming video games while they’re in development.

I try to avoid movie trailers entirely.

The goal of the person who makes the trailer is to get you to go see the movie. They don’t much care if they make the actual experience of seeing the movie worse by revealing parts of it that might be better revealed as you’re watching the whole story.

I won’t say that “spoilers” literally spoil movies. I still enjoy movies even if I know what’s going to happen. If you have a basic understanding of filmmaking, you can see most plot points foreshadowed in advance anyway. But seeing actual scenes and hearing dialog and knowing exactly what’s going to happen in advance definitely lessens the impact.

I choose which movies to see by the director, actor, and writers involved, by looking at rottentomatoes reviews, and by personal recommendations. I don’t need to see trailers.

I half heartedly watch them when I am at the movies but would never look at a trailer on TV or online for the reasons iamthewalrus(:3= mentions. I do admit that once in a while I see a trailer for something I assumed would be rubbish and am surprised to find that it looks interesting.