How do you deal with a signal honour on your CV / resume?

Suppose you’re a civilian and earned a signal honour, like a George Cross or Medal of Honor. Years later, you’re looking for a job. How do you put your medal on your CV without it being immediately binned as ‘an obvious fabrication’? It’s easy enough to check, of course, but will prospective employers bother? And employers, what do / would you do when you get such applications?

Needless to say, this is an entirely theoretical question!

I think most employers would give you the benefit of the doubt and check. Also, if you’ve received the Medal of Honor, chances are that many people in high positions already know who you are.

I think it would be the sort of thing that would be so easy to check that no one who didn’t earn it would put it on their resume.
Also, other than it demonstrating that you are totally badass, I’m not sure if it really matters. Do I need someone in my department who’s willing to throw themselves on a grenade for me?

Why would you think that? It’s not like there’s some Who’s Who of People Who Kicked Ass that hiring managers read.

But yeah, I’m sure there is something in the news about it somewhere so it would be pretty easy to Google.

The purpose of a resume is simply to get an interview. If you were working in HR and got a resume from someone claiming a Medal of Honor, wouldn’t you invite them to come in (with the medal!) just to meet them. If they’re lying and don’t bring the medal, you still have a good story to tell for the cost of a phone call and a short, “Thank you for coming, we’ve already filled the position>”

But would people even bother? It’s so easy to invent stuff that I’m wondering if putting such an honour on your CV may make it more likely that you’re rejected.

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