How do you decide what's the straight dope? (vs. propaganda)

Over the last week, Indian media has been reporting ceasefire violations by the Pakistani army at the line of control in Kashmir.

The Pakistani media seem to be ignoring the story. The one article I could find on the topic was, of course, diametrically opposed to stories in the Indian media.

In such cases how do you decide which one is more likely to be lying on the side of the truth? Do you just go with your side? Do you go with the side that has provided more information because they’re likely to be the aggrieved party? Do you think they’re providing more information because it’s a cover up?

You get as many different sources of information that you can. Assume each one is biased. Over time certain facts tend to show through with consistency. If you can pick out inarguable facts from the otherwise fuzzy pictures, then you can apply your own common sense to decide what is likely to be true independently of the accounts of others. After that, you are either brainwashed or guessing, just like the rest of us.