How do you eat your meals?

Lets say your family is going to have dinner. Someone prepares the food… and then what?

Now traditionally the table was set, the food set at the table, and people sat down and eat. Then people pass around the food.

However for our family what we usually do is leave the food in the kitchen on the stove usually or the counter. We then fill our plates and then go sit down and eat.

So how do you do it?

It’s just my Wife and I. We serve up in the kitchen and eat at our coffee table in front of the TV. We have a fine kitchen/dining table but only use it when entertaining.

At least 90% of the time all on the table. Sometimes some of it goes onto the side tables we have to leave room on the table. Rarely do we leave stuff in the kitchen. Mostly now it’s just me and my wife eating in front of the TV in the living the room with the food in the kitchen, but I don’t consider that a family dinner.

Unless we have guests, it’s just me and my wife. Assuming we’re not going to eat and watch something (we do this to often); I plate the meals and we eat at the table. I do almost all the cooking, I used to cook in restaurants, so I kind of obsess about an attractively plated meal. The sides sit in the kitchen if either person wants seconds, but we try not to cook too much.

Plate the food in the kitchen and eat in the dining room (there are only two of us, though I suspect we’d do the same if there were more - why bother with dirtying extra serving plates/utensils, except maybe for an “occasion” like Thanksgiving and/or if entertaining, etc?)

Since the nest emptied, we each cook for ourselves, and eat in front of the TV, which we generally ignore.

I can’t fill a plate to my husband’s liking, so I have not only stopped making his plate for him, I have pretty much stopped trying to have sit-down meals altogether. I cook, but he eats when he’s good and ready.

How do I eat my meals? “Open mouth, insert food.”

To answer the actual question…
If everybody is at the same table, then the food is brought to the table. If it’s two tables (i.e. for holidays where there’s a “kids table”), then it’s kept in a central location.

I usually eat alone… But when visiting my family, it’s “buffet style.” Pots and pans kept warm on the stove, and everyone ladles out what they want.

We do a mix depending on the meal (what we are eating and when) and if its just us or we have a guest.

Eating asa a family is on Sunday when the kids and their partners come over for dinner. I prepare the food in the kitchen then they all dish their own up and take the plates to the lounge room and eat in front of the TV.

I threw the dining table out decades ago.

Yeah, most people have gotten rid of a dining room.

Missing option: Dinner is served but not at a central location.

If we are all eating together at the dining table, we generally fill our plates from the stove and then sit at the table. The only time we ever place all the food on the table is when company is over.

When I was growing up, we ate at the kitchen table with the food on the table within reach of everyone (four people). No passing needed.

Now I make something in the kitchen and take it to my subterranean lair to eat in front of the TV. If guests come over, dinner is served on the dining table with all the dishes in the middle.

Eat at the table in the kitchen, with the food on the table. Often in serving bowls since my wife’s mother hated pans on the table.
Something hot and sloppy gets left on the stove and we go there to get it, but that is rare.
We never watch TV while eating.

I eat alone, as I live by myself, and I fill the plate in the kitchen.

When I lived at home we had the food on the table and took it from there.

The cook (me) fills the plates and serves it to the guests. If they want seconds, they are on their own.

Generally we eat dinner in the dining room with the food served at the dining table, generally in casual serving dishes. Occassionaly we’ll “buffet it” as we call it, leave the food in the kitchen and fill plates for the dining table or couch.

We’ll buffet it it we’ve gotten take out, or are having leftovers night (pulled all the leftovers from early in the week and people choose hat they want), or are watching a movie etc.

Hmmm… This is interesting since we are remodeling our kitchen and I am pushing for a smaller dining room table but my wife wants a more traditional large one.

My thing is since when we do eat at the table we just have the food and nothing else it can be thinner, say 24 inches. Most tables are over 36-42 inches wide but I think that is just alot of wasted space.

I think a big table with a fancy centerpiece and all is just a waste and quickly becomes just a dump zone. If we want more room like when we have guests we have some folding tables to bring out.