How do you find a good lawyer?

This is for a visitation/custody type situation. Of course I am looking for one who will do a great job and not be too expensive (what everybody is looking for.)
My word of mouth and friend recommendations aren’t panning out.


Martindale is a good way to search for attorneys with certain specialties in your area. You don’t necessarily want a cheap lawyer. You want a good attorney that charges market rates.

ETA: search under Family Law with the subsection of child custody

Thanks for the recommendation Omar. I was looking through that site and found a few. The site gives number scores for peer rating, etc but it really gives no info on how that number is achieved.
And it seems that 150-250 is the basic family law consultation fee in Col. OH these days from the few that I’ve called.

One “trick” I learned while working at law firms:
Ask lawyers who are NOT in the field you are searching for who they would recommend.

You want someone who specializes in visitation/custody? Ask bankruptcy attorneys or patent attorneys or immigration attorneys, etc. They do not handle cases in that field, but chances are very good they know someone good who does handle that field and someone they would trust and work with. Just like you would ask a doctor who the best specialists are in your area, you can ask other attorneys who is the most respected/best attorney in that specific field.

Once you hear a couple of attorneys mention the same person, you probably have a good choice.

I have a friend who is a bankruptcy lawyer in Columbus. I emailed to ask for her recommendation.

I needed an attorney for something once and I asked a local Sheriff if he knew of anyone that could help me out with my situation. The guy he recommended was probably the most perfect attorney for me. He wasn’t cheap (or super expensive) and he kept the issue moving through court at a really quick pace without cutting corners.

I’m pretty sure they can’t come out and say ‘go to this guy’ but what I did was ask about a situation, then when they said I needed an attorney, I asked if they could please, please, please help me figure out where to start. The person took pity on me and made the recommendation.

Wow you guys are a big help! I messaged you zipperjj.

I am an attorney practicing in juvenile court in Columbus–I know a lot of the DR lawyers. I just sent you a PM with the ones I would hire if I ever got into a custody dispute or divorce.

Heh I sent tomcar 3 names from my friend…I wonder if any of them will match what **Drain Bead **sends? :slight_smile:

I’m curious–PM me the names. :wink: