How do you fix a part of your shoe that sticks out and rubs you?

I’m wearing these new cute adorable shoes, which rub my toe and give me a blister of course (but I know what to do about that). What I want to know is, there’s also a part on the strap of the right one where two pieces of leather come together, and either it’s a piece of stitching or the leather edge, or something, but it rubs the skin there. I’ve got a Band-Aid Brand Bandage there now, but I’d rather fix the shoe instead of me! (Plus, I can’t keep raiding the supply cabinet and creating disproportionate Band-Aid distribution, people will talk. Can’t have them rat me out about my violation of the One Healthy Plant rule.)

I don’t want to damage the shoe, of course. Is there some sort of coating I could apply? Something like that? I dunno, give me suggestions.

Put the bandaid on the shoe.



If it’s the leather edge, as in the corner of a strip of leather, you might be able to trim it. Work carefully with single-edged razor blade or Exacto knife and see if you can cut diagonally to remove the corner and smooth it out. You might also be able to put a small strip of tape over the offending part, either instead of or in addition to trimming it. The trick there would be finding a type of tape that will stay on.

Do you have an attendant or butler who helps you dress? I believe that they are the one to discuss this situation with the cobbler and see to its resolution.

Yeah, I’d use moleskin and stick it directly on the shoe. I’d also see if anything was sticking out that I could trim off like Gary T suggested. Eventually, you may develop a callus that will prevent blisters. But I do have a coup;le of pairs of shoes that I’ve never been able to make comfortable and I’ve just had to stop wearing them.

there is an inexpensive little item called a SHOE STRETCHER (LINK) that everybody should own. They come in Men’s, too.


these shoes don’t fit :dubious:

I laugh.