How do you get a Japanese girlfriend?

my friend wants to know

From the Japanese girlfriend shop of course!

Geez, don’t they teach kids anything these days?

  1. Go to Japan.
  2. Flash some money.
  3. Act respectful to women.
  4. Bath in yellow mellow.

You could try Enjo-kōsai (援助交際) – “compensated dating”.

First, you need to turn Japanese. From there it’s not a big problem.

Go teach English in Japan.

Only ask out Japanese girls.

Share your physics class with one.

No. Wait. That did not work for me.
Um… how about this:

  1. Learn Japanese.
  2. ???
  3. Enjoy!

Konichiwa bitches!

Hmm, looks like Destina Japan is not doing well nowadays - can’t even find their website anymore (it was this, which now points to the ‘site-no-more-smiling-blonde-chick-on-campus page’)
Oh well, I always liked their fee description which started by asking if you could afford a Rolex or to lease a Lexus…:eek:

Why would he want one? Their hoo ha’s have all those odd pixel’s on them.

Do you want a Japanese-Japanese or do you want an American-Japanese there is a huge difference. They look alike but act nothing alike:)

Maybe he’s got one of those pixellated weenies. They seem to fit in the pixellated hoo ha’s pretty well. I’ve never seen a pixellated weenie in a non-pixellated hoo ha. YMMV.

I heard there might even be slight differences depending on which individual model you get, but don’t cite me on that.

Would your friend settle for a Japanese pillow girlfriend?

Your “friend”, huh? :wink:

How about wearing one of these shirts?

  1. Bait
  2. Chloroform
  3. Chloroform delivery vehicle
  4. Facebook friend her/relationship her
  5. Change her password

Ta-da! It’s almost too easy.

The Japanese models have better mileage.

Personally, I got one when she decided that my (appallingly bad) photo on an internet dating site looked cute, and asked me if I’d like to go out for a cup of tea.

That was nearly a year ago now and we’re still together, so I definitely recommend tea.
Oh, and bad photographs. (Not misleading photographs, just bad.)

Well, I guess it’s plausible, but I have my doubts.