How do you get an out of print book?

I’ve searched,,, etc., but a book I want is out of print.

How do I get a copy of it? It’s Mosaic Knitting by Barbara G. Walker, and someone’s selling it on E-Bay, but I’m not paying $60 for it.

Or try :

(They don’t seem to have it now, though.)

Two other copies of the same book are now for sale on Ebay for $ 3.95 (paperback) and 6.95. (hardcover) base price. I can't imagine the reserve price on these is more than 10.00 or so. The $ 60.00 book has no bids BTW.

But, as Snowcarpet said, they don’t seem to have it now. :frowning: On the other hand, since Abebooks is a collective of booksellers (10,000 of them, or so they claim), it may not be long before it shows up. Keep searchin’!

amazon as well as have an out of print search section. Or you can go to any local Borders and they will be happy to do an online seach and have it sent to the store with no mailing charge (something you’d never see Barnes and Noble doing would you?).

Fuck! They should be paying me overtime for this :D.

Also, eBay runs, a non-auction site for books, music, etc.

Ack, there’s no comma—it read that as part of the URL:

I have the publisher’s phone number, so I’m going to give them a call.

Thanks, guys!

Borders uses Alibris for out of print stuff.