How do you get rid of sick smell in a car?

A mate vomitted in my car a couple months ago and the smell keeps coming back! I’ve washed the affected areas with domestic cleaner, a month ago I tried using a Bicarbonate of Soda slution on it to neutralise any acid, and then sprayed it with Neutradol. I keep spraying stuff on the affected seat but it just keeps coming back!

Look into a product called, “Ozium.” It is an aerosolized glycerine compound that actually binds to particles and odors. You may also wish to locate some orange or lemon oils as they are incredibly effective at masking smells.

If the vomit soaked into the seat cushions you may be sh!t out of luck. If it’s been absorbed by the floor mats, think of peeling them back and replacing the underlayment.

When it happened to me, I took it to a carpet cleaner. He steam-cleaned the carpet and the seats. When I got it back, it looked and smelled brand new.

Do they have Febreze spray in Scotland? I used it successfully to get rid of vomit smell in my car.

There are also many enzyme-based cleaners easily found in pet stores. Often ezymatic cleaners (which are usually clear liquid, by the way) are often the only solution for dealing with vomit (pet or human) as well as poo-poo and urine stains.

Go to a pet store and tell them your dog threw up all over the rug (save your friend a little embarassment) and they’ll give you the right stuff.

You need to saturate the area heaivly and let it sit for a bit and then mop up the excess liquid. If the odor is still there, then it means that your cleaning efforts are not getting to the source of the problem (e.g. yuck stuff pooled somewhere and isn’t getting cleaned away.)

I’ve two cats and a white wool rug – if the stuff can take care of the horrible, horible things they do, I’m sure it’ll work in your car.

It’s Easier if you take the seat out…

Might be something at:

Buy a breather bag of zeolite. This is a mineral that will take the smell of anything out of anything. Check your health food store, or go to

GROSS ALERT: We used it at work to clean out a house of the smell of a body that had been dead for three days in the middle of July. This stuff works.

Try to find some Febreze or if not get an American buddy to send you some. I use it anytime my daughter gets carsick.

Have it professionally valeted, and get your mate to pay for it. Interior only should be around £50 or so.

If the smell is still there since 2003, I’d say give it up, it’s time anyway for a new car. But to answer the OP, I would try a ozone generator after the initial attempts to remove the substance.

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The smell might not be.

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