How Do You Get the Seat Pad out of This Car Seat?

:mad: :mad: :mad:

My kid is sick. It happens. Well, he was just really sick in the car, and covered his car seat in various nasty fluids. Of course, I can’t find the damn instruction book, and the customer service line isn’t open until Monday.

Does anyone know how to take the seat pad off an Alpha Omega car seat? It’s stuck where the straps come through the part the kid sits on. It’s almost as if the grommet that holds the straps in is connected to the fabric itself- thus rendering it incapable of removal. :eek:


On my Britax, I removed the entire seat cover in one or two pieces, then I could get at the piece of foam padding that the kid sat on.

To get the “crotch” piece off, I had to slip off the buckle.

The crotch strap came off no problem. The two waist straps though, are the killers. I finally got it to come off by unthreading the entire strap system and removing the plastic oval clips by pinching them. It’s an entirely stupid design to remove a pad that is the most likely to be soiled. Grrrrr.

I only hope I can put this thing back together now that I have literally scrubbed the crap out of the padding.

No answer for you; I was just inclined to post that this thread in no way has increased my interest in having children.

OTOH, it did bring to mind a certain Dr. Strangelove quote. Are you sure this illness isn’t due to fluoridation?[sup]*[/sup]


[sup]*[/sup]“Ice cream, Mandrake! Childrens’ ice cream.”

Would it be more tempting if I told you that while I was stripping him and trying to clean him in the make-shift changing area in the trunk he rolled onto a sandy blanket from a recent beach adventure and became a crap covered crunchy baby cutlet?

Mmmm… mmmm… good!

The doctor said it was a “garden variety intestinal virus,” but your idea certainly has merit. Perhaps I will make him a tiny tin foil hat, in case the CIA is making him sick with their fluoride mind beams.

Don’t know how well I’ll be able to describe it, but when a cat pissed all over ours (an earlier model) I had to remove a long metal pin from the base which essentially attaches the back to the base. The pin is at the bottom/ back area, and literally holds the damn thing together. At one side it’s got a “head” like a nail, and at the other it doesn’t, so you just push it through from the non “head” side (or pull it from the head side- a pain in the ass either way), remove the cover, wash it, then swear like a banshee as you try to put the seat back together while remembering where the elastic loops from the cover fit in. Worst. Design. Ever.

Your solution of de- stiching the elastic loops might be actually easier for removal, but I’m not so sure about putting it back on. I share your fury.

Thanks, I got it now. Not only did I have to remove the giant pin to take it from the base, I had to entirely unthread one side of the shoulder harness and use a screwdriver to rock the oval clips out of the holes in the base. If it ever goes back together it’ll be a miracle.

I love this seat otherwise though.

I don’t know why they make those seat pads so frickin’ hard to remove and clean. The people who design them have clearly never had children.

I once had to clean a vomit-soaked pad like yours at night in a hotel in the middle of northern New Jersey, after a nearly eight hour car ride. Naturally the hotel didn’t have laundry facilities, and there was no laundromat nearby. I ended up washing the damn thing in the bathtub using bar soap, and drying it the next morning with the hair dryer.

Fun. Not.