How do you keep cups/glasses in your cabinet?

Do you keep your cups/glasses upside down or right-side up in the cabinet?

I always keep them upside down. That is the way my parents always did it. I figured it was so dirt/dust/insects don’t get into the glasses while they are being stored. However, on the other hand, if there is dirt/dust on the surface of the cabinet’s shelves, then it could get on the rim of the glasses; so that is one pitfall.

Today my boyfriend put away the clean dishes. (And I didn’t even ask him too!!!) He put them all right-side up. That got me wondering, which is the best way to store your cups and glasses??

Right now my glasses are alternating upside-down and rightside-up. My cupboards are small and my glasses are narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. If I put them all the same way – either rightside-up or upside-down – they wouldn’t all fit.

I usually put them in right-side-up, so if they’re not 100% dry, then the moisture won’t be trapped. Also, I think it’s more likely that they’ll pick up dust if the rim is down. But my husband often puts them in upside-down, and it doesn’t bother me.

Ultimately,I don’t really care, but right side up would be my preference.

I do them down, and half of them are on a space-saver rack. The whole set-up drives my sister batty.

My dishes are face-up, and my glasses, like Jess’s are wider at the top than the bottom, so I alternate them so they fit better. I’m not overly worried about a little dust, and if there’s something visible in a dish when I take it out, I just rinse it a little. I’m not a freak from a Clorox commercial who refuses to open a public door with her hand. :wink:

Well…the cups and mugs all hang from hooks, so no help there. The wine glasses are either hanging from a rack or displayed on a bookcase. The pint glasses are all stacked mouth-up.

I store glasses open end down. Compare cleaning dirt out of the inside bottom, to dirt on the outside base. Any glasses you don’t use daily should be open end down.

We do “down” because my wife cares more about it than I do and she likes them down.

I don’t like the idea of moisture building up but the glasses go through such a rapid turnaround, that moisture/dust really doesn’t matter.

All of my beer glasses in the freezer are right side up. My martini glasses in the freezer are upside down if there’s room. I keep them in a shelf on the freezer door, so I worry about them toppling when it’s shut.

Most of my glasses and cups are stored upside down but I have 20 basic sturdy 16 ounce glasses that doubling up and alternating up or down, all fit well on their shelf.
I never really put much thought into it, I am sure I picked up the habit of cups down from my mother.

Dark, moist, inhibited air movement = petri dish. I keep the openings up.

Our glasses are almost always completely dry when we put them away (they sit in the dishwasher for a while), so mouth down. We also have many pets, and this cuts down on the animal hair in the glasses factor.

Of course, if there is a bit of dried food left on a dish, we usually just flick it off, rather than re-washing it, so I’m about the polar opposite of the freak in the clorox commercial. I always think “just go wash your hands, you moron. Look how neurotic you’re making your kids.”

Our daily glasses are upright. The shelves they’re on are very close together - there’s at best a half inch of space between the tops of the glasses and the bottom of the next shelf, so I’m not too worried about dust swirling in there.

Besides, we’re both Ren Faire people, and to us, dust is seasoning. :smiley:

I keep them right side up. If I haven’t done dishes in a while, and start getting to the back, I rinse and wipe before I use it. Dust is horrible where I live, I’d be rinsing those even if they were kept wrong side up.

The ones that don’t get used daily get stored upside down. Mostly that’s wine glasses, since we’ve got about 12 and there’s only 2 of us living here. I do it so they don’t fill with dust and it’s not a production to wash a bunch of them if we have company. Coffee mugs I store upright, they get used and cleaned before they get dusty. Sometimes they get put upside down because of habit.

At my parents’ house, ALL their glasses are upside down. They have a ridiculous amount of coffee mugs and juice glasses for two people though, so some are bound to get dusty.

Some each way. I don’t have a lot of storage space for cups and glasses so the smaller ones (10 oz I think) have a bottom row of 4 stacked open-end down so that I can put the other 4 on top of them right-side-up. Same with the mugs. The ones with bigger bottoms sit on the bottom row upside-down and then the narrower-bottomed ones sit upright inside them.

The larger glasses though (16 oz) are upside down, I think because that’s the way Mom does it.

Wineglasses are upside down in a rack…they don’t get used often.

Regular glasses are right-side up in the cabinet. My preference would be to have them upside down also, but I’m outvoted.

I’m not so much worried about the dust…I had a traumatic incident as a child involving a fly carcass and hot chocolate, one that was recently repeated (although without nearly as much trauma) with juice.

Do you have any idea how chewy fly-wings are? Blech!

Ours are always completely dry when put away (dishwasher.) We put them in the cabinet upside down.
Wine glasses hang on a rack upside down.

So you prefer to not have that hair of the dog taste in the morning.

Yeah I can just imagine a spider or something hanging out in a glass in the back of the cabinet, and not noticing it until it’s in my mouth… that is one of the reasons I keep my glasses upside down.

Interesting mix here - it seems almost even between upside-downers and right-side-uppers!

I store mine open-end down. I also line the cabinets with paper towels (which pretty much don’t ever need to be replaced). The paper towels pick up any residual moisture; problem solved. :slight_smile: