How do you know when a Republican is lying? (RO)

They all lie…get over it.

My personal financial situation is rock solid. But I’ve had years of work to get here, and no dependents to worry about except an elderly dog.

Sure doesn’t feel like winning to me. Feels lousy, in fact.

Your cite for any lies Obama has told in his duties?
Also McCain-Bush lies cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and cost the country trillions in deficit ruinning the dollar into the ground and the price of gas up and the economy into the ground with the dollar.

Excellent link, thanks. I just sent it to about half my address book, including the republicans (who I’ve mostly been avoiding poking at so far this fall).

Fine. I understand the chart. Believe it or not, I understood the chart before you linked to it. I just don’t get why you think it’s a good thing. I’m supposed to hate and want to tax people because they are successful? Bullshit. Or am I supposed to throw my pride and integrity out the window and vote slavishly for the person who is promising to steal money from wealthy people and give it to me? Bullshit. Or am I supposed to completely ignore the HUGE increases in government spending that Obama has made the foundation of his platform, naively believing that he can pay for it by just “taxing the rich” and ignoring that the money he wants to spend is many times what his tax increase will bring in anyway? Bullshit. What exactly is your point here, and why, beyond the endless class warfare nonsense that the liberals fight so hard to maintain, should I support any presidential candidate who wants to raise taxes for anyone?

Because government costs money to run. And they/we have been spending more to run it than has been collected in taxes for many years. Promoting this as sound financial policy is silly. Until all parties agree to downsize government spending (that can’t be done by only one side) more money has to be brought in. The poor don’t have any money to spare.

Yeah, I think it’s more about having some sympathy for people who are perpetually one paycheck away from losing their heat and electricity and having to dine on cat food. It’s about seeing someone who has only two pennies to rub together and resisting the urge to take one.

To what are you referring when you say that this policy is silly?

Then do what I’ve been saying all along:

Problem solved.

I’m no student of politics, but -

Is that the way it works? We only tax people we hate? Good, 'cause I don’t hate nobody.

Hentor, I took it to mean this: spending more to run it than has been collected in taxes. Not to speak for someone else or anything.

Great idea. I know a war that’s wasting all sorts of money.

It takes money to run a government, and it just makes sense to take that money from the people most able to get by without it. This is such very simple common sense that I can’t help but think that you might be just ever-so-slightly retarded.

Jesus fucking Christ, have y’all lost your minds lately and COMPLETELY forgotten what consitutes a cite? Or are you JUST THAT FUCKING STUPID?

Never mind, a brief search of your posts suggests “just that fucking stupid”.

What’s retarded is not realizing that the only fair way to tax people is to tax them all at the same rate, not this “you’re successful so we’re going to take more of yours” bullshit and the refusal to recognize that the problem isn’t the taxes, it’s the size of government. I honestly don’t know anyone who thinks that they shouldn’t pay taxes at all (correction now that I think on it: I don’t know anyone making a descent living or better who thinks that. I have heard some poor people who think they should never have to pay anything(which they don’t, as a rule) because they are just so unfortunate that the world owes them a living), but govt has grown to the size that the taxes required to fund it are unreasonable. The beast needs to be starved. John McCain wants to cut taxes for everybody (and since the rich pay a disproportionate amount of the taxes, they get the biggest cuts. That is right and fair and it has the desired effect of reducing the amount of money available to govt. It starves the beast. )Couple that with a promise to cut spending (which mcCain has made, we’ll see if he can follow through on it when he’s elected. I’m mildly hopeful but doubtful). Obama OTOH, wants to increase taxes (but just on the rich, oh yes, just on the rich, don’t worry little middle class voter, you’ll get more from the government, oh yes you will. We’ll shovel pork down your throat until you FUCKING CHOKE as long as you elect us), increase spending, increase the size of government, increase government involvement in our lives beyond it’s already intolerable level…in short he wants to grow the beast and you’re trying to tell me this is a good thing? And I’m the retarded one? You’re one fucked up individual.

Cite? Do try to do a little better than ManiacMan.

How 'bout:


No he wants to PAY for the beast that we already own. The Republican idoit idea of ‘starving the beast’ is not a solution. It only racks up debt. Unless you want the US to default on it’s loans, it is not going to work.
Cutting federal spending does not solve problems. It will cause more of them. Gee we cut the ammount of money we spend regulating banks. That worked out great. No wait, we’re totally screwed because of that.
But tell us.

What do you want to cut? Cut away, tell us what you are going to cut.


Fuck the nearly destitute! What about my bottom line? Why aren’t you taking forty percent of their minimum wage?

Do you even have an inkling as to why so many people think that a significant portion of the conservative base consists of sociopaths who put their own bank accounts above all else?

“It’s not fair.” :rolleyes:

Christ on a cracker, all of a sudden everything Bush has done was at the behest of McCain? Where were all the cries about the ‘McCain-Bush lies’ prior to the primaries?