How do you know when a Republican is lying? (RO)

Her lips are moving.

Link to the current lie.

Really. What next, lying about the date? The cost of a Big Mac? Are they even trying to hide the lies anymore, or do they not know the difference after all this time doing it?

This post is dedicated to Reeder, who, though absent, is with us in spirit.

By now, she’s innoculated against being called a liar, prevaricator, or even exaggerator (as Al Gore was painted in 2000). Every accusation will be met with cries of sexism or attacks from the lib’rul media. That seems to go for McCain too, for as the media highlights his own lies - and those he “approves of” in his ads - the groundwork has been laid that Obama is not altogether truthful in everything he says. So it can be The Big Lie or many, many smaller lies and she and McCain will play the victims.

Your link doesn’t work for me, but I would offer the counter: How do you know a liberal is lying? S/He says that s/he is only going to “tax the rich”. Since that’s pretty much the only thing they say, His/her “lips are moving” fits as well.
Seriously, what were you trying to link to?

Nevermind, I got the link.

Are you serious? A story about teleprompter miscues/ not miscues…basically a whole lot of nothing in a five pound bag, and this is what you call “lying, cuz her lips are moving”:???

Do you have anything of substance here?

No, with Palin I think it’s more pure showbiz, rather than substance. That’s the point.

She’s just a downhome simple girl who’s speaking impromptu from her heart to the good people of Ohio. In the end she’s just a girl, [sniff] standing in front of a State, asking it to love her [sob].

Using a telemprompter. Then lying and saying she wasn’t.

You know I was thinking this morning, that I have not heard one positive thing about Palin anywhere since this farce of…I mean her nomination unless its from the McCain campaign.

Cite for any liberal ever who claimed they were going to do away completely with income taxes for anyone who isn’t rich?

Reality has a liberal bias.

Do you? Quick, before your fax comes in!

This chart is so simple, even you can understand it.

Ok, on Today McCain is now claiming that when he’s been saying “the fundementals of the economy are strong”, he’s been referring to … ‘the workers’ - the people (aka voters). riiiiiiiiight.

Who the Hell ever said that? Nobody, that’s who; you’re talking out your ass.

It looks like Palin made up a story about something not very important, to make herself look better. As a mommy, she should know that’s a real bad habit to get into. So, not a big story, but possibly symptomatic.

Wow. Now we are into the realm of the pathological.

These fuckers are crazy liars. They’ve been lying about everything, including how many people attend their rallies.

This one is a great one. I thought it must have come from right wing nutbars because it’s so easily debunked. Hell, all you have to do is go to one of the videos available online, and whenever you see the teleprompter script, it’s right in sync with what she is saying, right up to the end.

This is just scary crazy lying. I find it indefensible.

From the link:

yup, she’s presidential material all right.

I remember seeing “habber-dasher” in the transcripts and thinking what the fuck?

Starting to sound like a Commie, now. I’m beginning to suspect that the NVA got to Comrade McCain back in the olden days.



Okay, I’m no fan of Palin. I mean, I’m really no fan of Palin. Still, I think likening her to a romance movie heroine comes off as kind-of sexist; these kind of comments don’t help the cause, you know?

And you know…I’ve been feeling strong lately. Some layoffs and so okay, the retirement investment account took some shots, prices are up but DAMN I’m feeling goooood. Downward spirals are damn fun if you just stop thinking and enjoy the ride.

Well, I, personally am doing fine. The company I work for lives and dies depending on me, so job security is good. If it were to tank, I’d have a ready-made client base that I could pick up and start billing directly. My family is in good shape. My parents are near-retired, and my step-father is a great money manager.

I know there are a bunch of other people who are either destitute or on their way, so I guess I AM getting stronger - relative to them.

That means I’m, like, winning or something, right?


“The fundamentals of the economy are strong” sounds like it was plagiarized from Herbert Hoover, circa 1930.

“Substance”-wise, I prefer the whopper in the current McCain-Palin TV ad about how she “stopped the Bridge to Nowhere”.

Uh, right…she was all for it until it was clear Congress was going to junk it, then backed off at the last minute, but wound up keeping the money (the millions that were going to pay for the bridge got rolled into other projects). Sarah Palin, the noble crusader against wasteful spending. :rolleyes:

Yea it’s better to liken to her the intellectually impotent asstard batshit crazy fundamentalist economy trashing menace she is.
Republicans are traiters and should move to Cuba running human trash like that.