How do you make egg salad?

Eggs are on sale this week. How do I know this? Mom just gifted me with two dozen of them.

I am craving an egg salad sandwich. However, when I make egg salad it always seems… lacking. I chop up eggs, add mayo, yellow mustard, salt, pepper, onion powder, minced garlic. I dislike super crunchy mayo based salads, so if I’m using real onions or celery, I tend to grate them.

At work we have a sandwich machine which has fabulous egg salad sandwiches. A little bit of sweetness, it’s not over mayo’ey. The ingredient list says eggs, mayo, mustard, and assorted spices. That’s it.

Please give me ideas how to un-blah my egg salad?

A leeeeeeetle dash of dill. And personally I would cut out the onion and minced garlic, but everyone has a different idea of how egg salad should taste.

Never mind.

I like a lil celery salt, or some Old Bay Seasoning in my egg salad.

“Blah” food usually means not enough salt. Also, you could try adding a shake of paprika, or maybe a little bit of horseradish. As far as the work machine version goes: you mention sweetness, so try adding just a wee bit of sugar when you add the other spices.

Celery seed. Egg salad and deviled eggs are about the only time my very dusty bottle of celery seed comes out to play.

Eggs, mayo, yellow mustard, celery seed and salt and fresh ground black pepper. Yum.

Extra yolks.

You’ve summed up my theory of salads.

I note that you didn’t include pickle relish in your list. Whaaa? That is the heart and soul of egg, tuna or chicken salad IMO. Also, instead of celery, which is too crunchy, try celery seed or celery salt.

Capers. Paprika. Celery seed. Grated hard-boiled eggs. Spicy mustard. Mayo.

Same way I make deviled eggs, only I mash it all up at the end.

How do you make an egg salad?

Kidnap his family…
(Sorry. I hang out with my seven year old niece too much.)

Celery seed, dill, chopped bread and butter pickles, salt, pepper, mayo, mustard, chopped onions.

WhyNot, roughly how much celery seed? Would it mix well with dill that Zipper JJ recommends? My egg salad is not up to snuff, but I don’t think I’ve had a better one, just the idea of a vaguely better on. Actually, come to think of it, better egg salad might mean homemade mayo. That’s never happening :stuck_out_tongue:

Is canola mayo possibly contributing to not giving me the right taste?

Why just celery seed? I use the real thing, chopped celery, to chicken or egg salad. Adds crunch, green and (yum) fiber.

Homemade mayo is easy. The SO made some this weekend without any trouble. He’s on an olive-oil kick right now. Very tasty.

If you like the sweetness of the one at work perhaps looks for armed people Miracle Whip instead of Mayo


Replace some of the mayo with Miracle Whip, which will add that hint of sweet tang without being cloying.

I also like chopped chives or green onions in mine, and lots of cracked black pepper.

Yum, egg salad on soft whole wheat or challah. I haven’t made any in a long time.

ETA: Har, simulpost.

I’ve tried Miracle Whip - it’s still meh.
Yes, I keep both mayo and MW in my fridge. No, I have no desire to make my own mayo. Too much effort.

I use celery seed in deviled eggs, but for some reason it doesn’t taste ‘right’ in egg salad.

I use a generous dollop of dill relish (not sweet relish). Besides adding flavor, it reduces the amount of mayo needed to make the right texture and helps keep the calorie count reasonable. I also like some chopped bell pepper.

And God help you if I ever catch putting Miracle Whip in my egg salad. It’s the devil’s own cum.

But how long does it last in the fridge? That’s always my concern.

teela you’re right. Egg salad on challah is utterly divine. It adds just a bit of wonderful sweetness.