How do you make slushies at home?

I really love slushies and I am always driving around looking for a place that has a functioning machine. Nobody does. They are all broken. I want to make slushies at home so I can always have one. Is there a way to do it? I tried putting a Koolaid jammer in the freezer and then crushing it up and it doesn’t work.

I tend to place soda ( like the divine Dr Pepper) freeze it solid, and then throw the ice in a blender. Works well enough for me.

How do you get the frozen solid Dr. Pepper out of the can?

Pour it out of the can into something easier to remove it from before you freeze it.

Or you could do it the fun way, and hack the frozen can open with a meat cleaver, axe, 1920’s style “Death Ray”, or one of those super-knives that advertise via infomercials at 2am.


Ice trays, Kool Aid, cheese grater.

Best to stick with red Kool Aid.

Growing up in the seventies, we had “slushie cups” –

Sort of beerstein-shaped plastic things, sort of thermos like, except the what would be the insulating part in a thermos was filled with water, (as far as I know, maybe something else,) instead of a partial vacuum.

You’d freeze 'em, fill them with whatever you wanted to slushify, (usually Kool-Aid,) and then sit in front of the TV scraping the ice that formed on the inside of the cup off with a spoon, until you had a nice slushie.

I haven’t seen one of those since about 1978, but surely they must still make them?

Memory update-- we called 'em “slush cups,” not “slushie cups.”

Doesn’t any else but me call these things “slurpies”?

I know that’s the name in 7-Eleven stores (which I always believed to be a nationwide chain), but the term has taken on a life of it’s own like aspirin, xerox, bandaid, etc.

Ever here of a little thing called a knife?

Kool-Aid used to make a slush mix which as near as I can tell is regular Kool-Aid mixed with less water and more sugar. One freezes it for an hour or so, then stris it and freezes it for another couple of hours. The slushiness of it depends on the freezing time and remembering to stir it. It’s delayed gratification. The only place I’ve seen this mix is at my local dollar store so I don’t know if Kool-Aid still even makes it.

I had the slushie mug!! But it’s long gone. It was one of my only possessions of value! I called it the “slushie” mug but I’m sure my very manly ten-year-old brother called it the slush mug. If I ever see one again I’ll invest heavily in them but I have never seen them. I don’t think the lining was filled with water though. Word had it it was filled with a substance so poisonous that it would kill us instantly if we continued to tamper with the seam of the plastic. But then again they said that about the red gel inside Stretch Armstrong and I ate an entire Stretch Armstrong’s insides over the course of a few months without so much a cramp.

I’m going to freeze a tupperware of koolaid, a can of diet coke and an icecube tray of RED koolaid and ready the big knife, the cheese grater and the blender. When I get home tonight there will be a big experiment. In the meantime I will look for my raincoat and protective eyewear.

Oh Otto, I knew something like that would be the key. I am going to get the type of Koolaid where you add your own sugar on the way home from work. I can do the stirring and freezing while I do the other stuff. I will crack this problem wide open.