How do you make streusel?

Streusel topping, not strudel the pastry. I’ve tried it a time or two, but the results were underwhelming. I love good streusel with big firm cohesive nuggets, and I’d like to be able to make it for myself. So how do you make streusel?

Brown Sugar, Cane sugar, Flour, Melted or Softened Butter, Nuts (Walnuts), and Cinnamon.

This is basic.

If you work the soft butter in, it clumps better.

That’s really what I’m asking. In what manner do you combine the ingredients? By hand? Pastry blender? Fork? And in what order?

Softened butter first, smoosh it around with a fork or pastry cutter–I use a fork unless I’m doing a huge batch. Then add the sugars–I use turbinado sugar (for the chunkiness and texture and flavor) and brown (for moisture.) Use more flour than you think is reasonable, I use almost twice as much flour as sugar. If you use Bisquick instead of flour it makes the chunks puff up more.