How do you make those Starburstwrapper bracelets?


Starburst wrapper chain.

I’m an old fart. I remember doing those with gum wrappers (Doublemint and Juicyfruit) back in the 60’s. We just tried to see who could make the longest chain, though.

One of my sisters had one that was at least 12’ and kept getting longer. It ended up getting all tangled and fell apart the last time anyone tried to measure it.

Thanks for giving me an excuse to go consume lots of Starburst!

Yep, me too. I chose my gum partly according to the wrapper colors and patterns.

Remember making chains of those pull-tabs from aluminum cans, too? I miss doing that, though I can understand why they had to change.

Hey, don’t stop at bracelets! Some intrepid crafty folk have made wallets and messenger bags out of Starburst wrappers, as well! :smiley: