How do you make those things that....oh, crap

Ok - the girls always used to play with these things in around 5th grade. Made of paper folded a special way, roughly square, that they would put on their fingers and open back and forth. If you opened it one way it showed numbers, if you opened it the other way it showed letters. And it could be used to tell - for SURE! - who liked you or how old you were going to be when you got married, or… I don’t know what they’re called and I’d like to know how to fold one, make one. Can anyone help? Dopers???

Cootie catcher.

Man, don’t I loves me the SDMB!!

Huh, we always called them fortune tellers.

When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much…

Haha. South park had an episode on what your talking about. The boys thought that the girls had a device that could read the future.

The Firebug (currently in 3rd grade) made a bunch of them earlier this (school) year. He calls them ‘cootie catchers’ as well. So at least around here, that seems to be what the kids call them these days.

I remember them from my own school days, but never attached a name to them that I can recall.

Classic origami fold, sometimes known as the Mayfold. Very easy to turn into animal heads using a pencil or crayon to draw in the appropriate features.

When I was a lad, we called them hexaflexagons because the shape was made up of hexes.
(If instead they were square / rectangular, they would be tetraflexagons.)

The objects the OP is asking about are not flexagons.

Flexagons were cootie catchers taken to 11!