How do you organize the apps on your phone?

I have an iPhone and I like to keep three pages:

1st page: the 12 apps I use the most.
2nd page: the 12 apps I use less frequently.
3rd page: apps that rarely get used, but do get used, and also on that page is a folder with all the apps that never get used (and can’t be deleted) or run in the background, like 3rd party keyboards and NomoRobo and the like.
Toolbar: I keep “Phone,” “Podcasts,” “Waze,” and “Messaging,” on the toolbar because I overwhelmingly use them the most.

How do you organize the apps on your phone?

And I maintain the 2nd and 3rd pages in strict alphabetical order, but for some reason the 1st page is sort of randomly ordered. I kind of just left them in whatever order they were in when I first downloaded them, and I just got used to them being in those spots.

I have 2 pages on my phone. The primary page has all my most frequent apps that I use, including Weather, News, Facebook, Photos, Note taking, Gmail, clock, and Playstore. It also has my widgets, which include a day calendar widget and 2 countdown widgets.

My secondary page is where I keep the rest of my apps. I organize them into the following folders that seem to work best for me: Games, Media, Google, Utilities, System, Useless Fun, Work, Travel, Commerce, Productivity, Tools, and Reference.

This setup works best for me. No needless scrolling to find an app. Its either on my primary page, or my secondary page in a folder.

Basically in decending order of use. With one exception: If I want myself to use an app less, I will put it on the second or third pages to discourage its use.

I am not sure how well that works.

I don’t have a lot of apps. The most used go on the first page with the indicator for battery, time and weather, the ones I don’t use everyday go on the second page.

I don’t. I should but I don’t.

For whatever reason, I don’t like using more than 2 screens; I group my apps as much as possible (groups are in bold below). I have an Android phone, with a standard 4 x 4 grid.

Main Screen:
(time, date, and weather widgets at top)
Facebook | Messenger | Google Calendar | Google Maps
**News **| **Camera **| Amazon | Music
**Files **| Google | TV/Movies | Instagram

Second Screen:
Google Translate | Zillow | LinkedIn | Jewels
Wikipedia | **Travel **| AtBat | Digital Blasphemy
**Money **| Calculator | Clock | Contacts
Chrome | Starbucks

Phone | Gmail | Message+ | Voicemail | Apps

Me too. There in the order I downloaded them. I manage to find the right page eventually.

Wait. We’re supposed to organize the apps on our phones?! Fuck.

Let me just apologize for my stupid mistake. It should be “They’re” obviously I’m seriously going to have to start proofreading. Is there an app for that?

First page
Google, Clock/weather,
Settings, Contacts, Remind, Messaging
Gutenberg Reader, Kindle, eBoox, Calendar
First Aid, ICE, Apps, Camera, Phone

Second page
Tasks for today, Events for today
Eco-Mode settings

Third page
Various “tool” apps

Fourth page
Lightning Monitor, Air Quality,
VO2 calculator, Race time predictor
Note pad

I’ve got one of these on the dash of the Jeep.

I put the phone in there and leave it.

Main page, the apps I use to most, some of them grouped into folders. Second page, random apps the put themselves there when I installed them and that I haven’t tidied away to make more room. All other apps sit in the alphabetical app list.

This! Jesus, I don’t think I’ve even USED 12 apps the entire time I’ve had my phone, let alone 12 most used/12 used less frequently.

Main screen: apps I use the most

Second screen: social media/media/music/photo apps

Third screen: health/financial/entertainment

Fourth screen: shopping

My main screen is mostly empty. Number of steps in the upper right corner, 7 commonly used apps in the tray at the bottom. There are invisible apps on the screen though, I used an app called CircleLauncher to create 2 invisible hotspots on the screen. Bottom has commonly used apps like Dialer, Hangouts, and Photos. The one above that has utilities like Google Maps, Calculator, Calendar, Voice Recorder etc.

Second screen, the top 2/3 is taken by a calendar with events on it, and the bottom left corner is Google Keep notes.

Third screen just has a remote control app on it to control my TV.

I use the Apex launcher (v 3.1.0–the latest versions have changes that I hate) with folders for the apps–tap on the folder icon and the folder expands to allow you to tap on the app that you want. Apps often used or that I might want to access quickly are in the quick-launch bar at the bottom. I used to use three screens, then pared it down to two. (I tried it with one for a couple of days, but just didn’t like the crowded look. At very first when I had a low-resolution phone with fewer icons per page I briefly had five screens, each with separate wallpaper via Fivewallpapers.*)

*(It was a section of this split into five pieces, with the wallpaper app set to smoothly pan across the segments as I swiped between pages. Looked great, but finally couldn’t justify having that many pages just for the pretty picture.)

One screen has a “Google” folder containing Maps, Music, Play Store, YouTube and Chrome. I also have the time/date/weather in a widget on that screen.

The second screen has, uh, SoundHound and Pandora. The bottom bar has Gmail, Opera, Camera and Phone.

Anything else I use so infrequently that I don’t bother keeping the shortcut on my screen. On one hand, I’m hardly using my phone to its fullest. On the other hand, it reminds me that I don’t need a $950 phone upgrade.

By topic per page
Front page - phone and other communication related items - contacts, phone book apps, texting, calendar, clock
Info page - news, sports weather,
Graphics page - cameras and image manipulation
Audio page - music, podcast, Shazam, also spectrum analyzer
Games page - just like it sounds
Technical page - telnet, tracert, whois, IPCalculators, also electronic apps and calculators
Travel apps - hotel, airlines, maps, gps, also restraunts
And so on.

I use the Nova launcher, and have it set up with seven screens. Main screen for most used apps, one screen for social media, one for company apps (Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens, etc.), one for calendar widget, one for bookmark widget, one for media (Pandora, Netflix, etc.) and so on.