How do you pronounce "Edinburgh"?

I won’t post a poll, because there are too many combinations of pronunciation and location. I guess the two main ones are “Edinbruh” and “Edinburrow”. I tend to hear the latter from Americans, but not exclusively so. There may well be others I’m not familiar with.

I pronounce it “Edinbruh” and I’m from the UK.

OK, I will post a poll. But it’s not comprehensive.

Ed’n’burra, which wasn’t an option listd.

+1. I’m from the U.S.

Ed’n’burra. From U.S.

Embra, more or less.

Ed’nbruh. From the US.

I’m surprised “Edinberg” wasn’t an option. I’ve heard that from several people.

That’s how a Scot told me to say it.

I am from Canada, and I chose Edinbruh, but it’s really somewhere between that and “Ed’n’burra”.

If I had seen this post before I clicked on “Edinburrow,” I’d’ve said the same thing. :mad:

I’m from the US, but have lived in the UK (England and Scotland).

I go with “Edinburrow” but my first instinct is always “Edinberg.”

I basically try to say 'Edinbruh", but it gets mangled a little bit via my Texas accent into “Edinburuh”, hence the reason I chose “Other”.

Edinburrow - from elsewhere (US), but only because I know/assume it’s in the UK somewhere.

Pittsburgh ain’t pronounced Pitts-burrow or Pitts-bruh, after all.

ETA: And yeah, count your blessings if you’re not hearing Edin-burg from many Americans.

This. Also from the US. When I was in Edinburgh last year that’s how I heard it pronounced.

Either Ed’n’bruh or Embra, depending on how clearly I feel like articulating my words.

From Scotland.

Yes to Ed’n’burruh. From the US.

This thread reminds me of an old George Carlin routine, in which he’s a newscaster.

“Police are looking for a deranged geography teacher who shot six people because they did not know the capital of Scotland. They say he is armed and dangerous, and remind you that the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.”

Carlin, an American, pronounced it Edinburrow.

You Yanks do now realize that Edinburrow is quite wrong, I hope.

Another vote for “Ed’n’burra”

That’s what I was trying to get at with that poor phonetic illustration. Edinburrow is supposed to be that burra pronunciation.

Same here, but only after I stop and think: This is the one that isn’t pronounced “berg”, right?

I can’t claim innocence of linguistic snobbery, but I can’t get all slavish about making sure I pronounce every placename like the locals do. How many of you non-Westerners pronounce Nevada and Colorado like the locals? I’ve converted to “Orig’n” from “Ori-gone” since I’ve moved out west, but haven’t change my pronunciation of the other two.